COD Mobile Halloween Series Armory Draw Details

COD Mobile

COD Mobile since its release in 2019 has steadily garnered a loyal fanbase. 

Mobile Gaming has been growing in popularity due to its accessibility to gamers, and franchises have started developing and releasing its mobile versions exclusively. 

COD Mobile is no exception to this trend as they were quick the nab the opportunity in the gaming market. 

Players may enter to win valued prizes in the COD Mobile Halloween Series Armory Draw in COD Mobile. 

The Lucky Draw, which was made available on October 27, will follow a whole different method for winning prizes than what COD Mobile gamers are accustomed to. 

To make the draw mechanisms easier to understand and to provide players with a clearer picture of the spending range they should expect, this article streamlines the draw mechanics.

COD Mobile Halloween Series Armory draw  

In order to make sure that players feel their money was well spent, the redesigned lucky draw method in Call of Duty Mobile combines four drawings into one mega draw. 

Players should be aware of the odds and approach with reasonable expectations, nevertheless. 

Incorporating milestones and offering the option to select which Legendary to aim for introduces a strategic element and guarantees a certain level of payout.

The 4 legendary weapons that went live on the 27th of October include:

  • AK-47 “Pumpkin Head”
  • Holger 26 “Jacked Lantern” 
  • Maddox “Squash Demon”
  • M4 “Court Jester”
  • 20 Fill

It is up to the players to choose one Legendary within the pool. The selected Legendary carries an 85% greater probability of winning than the remaining three. 

In COD Mobile’s history, it’s practically one of the biggest lucky draws ever. 

A system of milestone advancement is introduced in the game. Players will always earn a Legendary when they complete a milestone. 

This implies that players will receive one of the four Legendaries after spending the same money as any other lucky draw. 

The next Legendary will be the one that was first selected if someone gets really unlucky and doesn’t obtain their first pick. 

Nevertheless, the progress is lost if a Legendary is obtained by the player before reaching the milestone. 

The new draw system introduced for COD Mobile has revived the enthusiasm of their fans in this spooky season.

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