Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Knockout Day 3 Results & Rankings

Free Fire

Six matches were played on Day 3 of the Free Fire World Series Knockout between Groups A and C. After 12 matches and 213 points at the end of Week 1, EXP Esports emerged victorious with four Booyahs. 

Second place went to Buriram United Esports with 189 points and three Booyahs. Third and fourth place, with 177 and 166 points, went to RRQ Kazu and CGGG, respectively.

With 150 points and two Booyahs, Magic Squad took fifth place in the overall standings. 

Week 1 for Furious Gaming was mediocre; with 99 points, they finished 11th. P Esports and MIBR, two well-known Free Fire teams, faltered in their first 12 games. In the second week, these teams will strive for improved performance.

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Knockout Day 3 Rankings

  1. EXP Esports
  2. Buriram United Esports
  3. RRQ Kazu
  4. CGGG
  5. Magic Squad
  6. Poco Star

Match Highlights

In the opening game of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Knockout Day 3, LOUD played well and earned a 25-point Booyah. 

With five kills and 3905 damage, their roster’s Cauan7 was the best performance on an individual basis.

With 23 points and 11 eliminations in the second fight, Buriram United won the Booyah. 

From this game, Magic Squad and P Esports both grabbed sixteen points. 

In the third game of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Knockout Day 3, Thorrad of Indonesia secured a remarkable 27-point Booyah. 

EXP Esports put up a convincing show of ability, earning 18 points. Poco Star scored sixteen points, while Buriram United scored eleven.

In the fourth match, EXP Esports crushed Magic Squad to score a 26-point Booyah. 

Thorrad increased their total by 17 points and shown their steadiness. Poco and Expand produced points of 14 and 12, respectively.

In the fifth clash of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Knockout Day 3, Poco Star chose to play aggressively and won by a huge 28 points. 

Eight adversaries were vanquished by Faizmks from their team alone. 

With 28 points, EXP Esports achieved their second Booyah of the day. LOUD and Buriram United both scored 19 and 22 points. 

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