Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.41 Update Download Guide


On November 2, 2023, the most recent version of Minecraft, 1.20.41, Bedrock Edition, was released to fix several bugs and concerns. 

All Bedrock-compatible platforms, including Android/iOS smartphones, Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 personal computers, and consoles, may now download this update.

Although the majority of platforms will update the game automatically, there are situations in which players may need to act independently. 

For those who might not be familiar with the procedure of upgrading or installing the Minecraft 1.20.41 update, this article will offer a clear and concise explanation.

Steps to download the Minecraft 1.20.41 update on Xbox 

  • Click the guide button on your dashboard and choose “My Games & apps.”
  • Choose “manage game” after selecting Minecraft among the available selection of games by pressing the menu button.
  • Lastly, choose the game again from the “ready to update” list and click the install option.

Steps to download Minecraft 1.20.41 update on Windows 10/11 PC

  • Utilizing the tab on the left side of the window, launch the Microsoft Store application and browse the library.
  • On the following page, click the games button. Next, choose the game you want to update from the list of programs that need to be updated and click the update button. Click the “get updates” button to update all the necessary games and applications if it doesn’t show.
  • Go back to the launcher for Minecraft and launch the game.

Steps to download the Minecraft 1.20.41 update on PlayStation

  • Select the game by highlighting it in your library or on your dashboard, then click the settings button.
  • Select the option to look for updates in the ensuing menu.
  • As long as you are connected to the internet, each relevant update will be instantly included in your download queue.

Steps to download Minecraft 1.20.41 update on Nintendo Switch

  • Choose the game from your dashboard and hit the plus or minus button.
  • Select the option to update software online after choosing to do so. An update ought to be included in your download queue if it is available for application.

Steps to download Minecraft 1.20.41 update on Android/iOS

When Mojang releases new versions of the game, iOS and Android gadgets usually update the game’s version whenever it becomes required. 

But occasionally, for whatever reason, this doesn’t happen, in which case you’ll have to manually update the game.

  • Try launching the game app. Occasionally, you’ll get a message saying that it needs to be updated. Clicking on it will take you right to the game’s page in the shop.
  • If not, you may access your library by opening the app store for the operating system you use, and scrolling down until you see the game there. After you tap the update button, you should have a strong wifi or 5G connection.

On many non-PC platforms, automatic updating is advised, although occasionally manual upgrades are required. 

Fortunately, Mojang has expedited the procedure so you may resume playing right now.

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