Minecraft Snapshot 23w45a Full Patch Notes


The final few features that have been confirmed for the impending Minecraft 1.21 version have finally been implemented by Mojang with the November 8th Minecraft snapshot. 

Trial chambers, vast underground structures brimming with challenging and entertaining trials that provide precious loot, are now available for players to explore the new difficulties added in the Minecraft game.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w45a Modifications

  • When looking inside, Monster Spawner now depicts their inner faces.

Technical alterations

  • It is currently Data Pack version 24.
  • It is currently Resource Pack version 21.
  • Version 24 Data Pack
  • Added a test Breeze mob.
  • Additional Experiment Trial Spawner block
  • Jigsaw structure variable size maximum value was raised from 7 to 20.
  • trial_chambers_copper_bulb_degradation  Structure Processor List has been added.

Resource Pack version 21

  • Unifont 15.1.04 brought in.
  • Only .png is supported.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w45a Breeze Mob

  • Entity models and textures for experimental Breeze mob included.
  • breeze, wind_charge
  • Added shader:
  • breeze_wind

A hostile mob known as the Breeze can appear in some Trial Chamber chambers in Minecraft using the Trial Spawner.

  • The main way that the Breeze moves is by hopping about its target, occasionally jumping fairly far.
  • The Breeze is an mob that is hostile and throws projectiles with wind charge energy at its target.
  • When wind charges strike an object directly, they only do minor harm.Wind charge cause a wind burst after hitting an object or a block, which pushes nearby things back a few blocks.
  • Additionally, wind bursts have the effect of “activating” specific blocks:
  • Trapdoors and non-iron doors are flipped.
  • The fence gates are inverted
  • A button is pushed.
  • The levers are turned
  • Rings and swings of bells

Iron Doors, Iron Trapdoors, and any block that is being kept in place by a Redstone signal are not affected by wind bursts.

Trial Spawner 

  • A new version of Monster Spawners called Trial Spawners may have varying degrees of difficulty in multiplayer mode and ejects prizes upon completion.
  • Every new player a Trial Spawner discovers nearby will result in a rise in the challenge level.
  • The challenge level won’t drop until it’s reset during the cooldown of a Trial Spawner.
  • A Trial Spawner differs from other spawners in that it will only spawn a certain quantity of mobs in accordance with its current challenge level.
  • Only locations that are in its line of sight will allow it to generate a mob.
  • It can generate a mob regardless of the mob’s requirements for light level.
  • The Trial Spawner will eject a set of prizes according to the current challenge level after all enemies have been vanquished.
  • The Trial Spawner enters a 30-minute cooldown once the prizes are ejected, during which time it will no longer generate creatures.
  • Trial Spawners are naturally positioned throughout Trial Chambers and cannot be created or acquired by players in Survival.
  • Trial Spawners won’t drop, even with Silk Touch, and are incredibly slow to mine and resistant to explosives.
  • Trial Spawners in Creative don’t automatically have a mob type assigned to them.
  • You can interact with a mob while carrying a Spawn Egg to determine its kind.
  • Trial Spawners are unable to identify or detect Creative or Spectator participants.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w45a Trial Chambers

  • Midway through the game, players can explore and engage in combat challenges in the Trial Chambers, a new structure in the Overworld.
  • Trial Chambers are a very typical find in the Deepslate layer of the subsurface. They are composed of a variety of Copper and Tuff blocks and come in all sizes, from huge to small.
  • Each Trial Chamber’s layout is produced randomly and may contain a range of battle areas, prize chests, and traps.
  • You can find supply chests in between chambers, which provide you items and blocks to aid you through your trials.
  • Each chamber has obstacles guarding reward chests, which can contain a variety of powerful magical books and tools.

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