Tekken 8 Story Mode Alternate Ending Guide

Tekken 8

One of the finest aspects of Tekken 8 is undoubtedly Story Mode: The Dark Awakens, which offers the most captivating narrative the fighting game community (FGC) has seen in a while.

Apart from all the fantastic components that came together to make this story mode spectacular, what makes it unique is that there is an alternate ending. 

According to a recent tweet from Katsuhiro Harada, the director of games at Bandai Namco, a considerable proportion of players are unaware that this type of ending even exists.

You can get this alternate ending by doing certain things in the last fight of the game.

One advantage of the game’s Story Mode is that, once you’ve finished a chapter, you may proceed to any other chapter. 

This implies that you may now obtain the alternate ending without having to finish the whole playthrough.

Tekken 8 Story Mode alternate ending

Go to Chapter 15, combat Kazuya, and you’ll know you’ve reached the end of the fight when the game’s theme, “Our Time is Now,” begins to play in the background.

You will now experience several quick-time events (QTE) that will cause a sequence of flashbacks in the style of anime.

Continue defeating Kazuya until you get to the “I will not deny my existence” QTE. A flashback featuring Devil Jin, Jun, and Xiaoyu will then appear.

The match in Tekken 8 will resume after this, and you will have to concede Kazuya’s victory.

Jin has a tendency to launch counterattacks even when you don’t push, thus losing this phase of the fight is pretty unlikely.

Continue ki charging (1+2+3+4) to take counter-hit damage from Kazuya’s blows to ensure that Jin doesn’t auto-parry.

Jin’s health will be restored and he will enter Rage Mode when your health bar is first exhausted. Continue charging Ki to sustain harm.

A cutscene will start when all of your health is gone. After winning the fight, Kazuya would toss Jin’s lifeless body over the edge, like a real Mishima.

After that, we’ll see Kazuya seated in his office, announcing that he still intends to use his Devil Gene abilities to conquer the world.

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