Tips & Tricks To Use Grenade In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile isn’t simply reliant on a player’s handling ability of the arrays of guns available. 

In order to become a true master of PUBG Mobile – one must understand the usage of throwables in the game, particularly the frag grenade. 

This lethal weapon is almost always present in every player’s arsenal and can be a game-changer when used in the right in-game situations. 

Veterans of the game use the hand grenade to knock one or more members of the squad camping in an inaccessible area. 

This ensures that they don’t have a direct confrontation where the opponent has the upper hand based on location and accessibility.

 In fact, whether it’s the first or the final circle of play, a grenade always comes in handy to change the game’s dynamics, thus making it a vital skill for a novice to master from the very beginning. 

Hence, the best tips and tricks to use a grenade in PUBG Mobile will be further explored here below.

1. Learning grenade dynamics 

You can never be certain regarding your opponent’s actual distance. The grenade must be thrown at what you believe to be the appropriate moment. 

If it fails, the trial and error basis is quite an effective method to understand grenade usage in PUBG Mobile. 

Given how far away your target is, you will precisely know after some practice and experience how long to cook the grenade. 

You will eventually have the skill necessary to make the ideal grenade as time goes on. 

You and your squad members might potentially perish if you overcook the grenade. Thus knowing to cancel a grenade is just as vital in PUBG Mobile.

2. Using the “eye” button 

Because you can’t see where grenades will land when you hurl them, you have no clue where they will really land. 

Use the “eye” button or the free look alternative. This will enable you to view the grenade’s landing area from angles that you would not ordinarily be able to see. 

Players who play with a gyroscope may fully benefit from this gimmick because it only functions in TPP in PUBG Mobile.

3. Using grenades during a squad push

Always utilize grenades to acquire an early advantage on your adversary’s team while advancing into an enclosed area, particularly squad homes or large flats in PUBG Mobile. 

It assists you in taking command of the conflict. For this, try throwing grenades while keeping an ear out for hostile players’ footsteps. 

Try to hurl a well-cooked grenade so that the adversaries won’t have a chance to avoid the explosion’s damage.

In PUBG Mobile, it is essential to keep the game plan and strategies simple and efficient to get the best results in the game.

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