Top 5 Landing Spots In Miramar In BGMI


BGMI offers an array of playable maps with different landscapes and terrains. 

Miramar is the 2nd playable map in BGMI and adequately represents the scorching deserts of Mexico. Miramar features unusual topography and crowded cities. 

The entire region is blocked from its western portion and northeast by vast cliffs and mountain ranges. 

The traditional Erangel methods in BGMI may no longer be effective in Miramar, where fresh approaches are necessary. 

It is hence vital to strategize the landing zone in this map and it will be explored in this article.

1. Velle Del Mar

A unique landing location with a combination of homes and sheds is offered by the coastal community of Valle del Mar in the northwest of Miramar in Battlegrounds Mobile India

When compared to other busy areas, it is rather calm, making it the perfect place for those seeking a more tranquil early-game experience. 

Valle del Mar frequently offers necessary weapons and enough loot to prepare for the mid-game, despite the loot not being as plentiful as in other cities. 

Additionally, the proximity to the seaside makes it simple to access boats.

2. Chumacera

This town with a high-grade loot potential in BGMI, is situated at the bottom of the Miramar map. 

This landing place is attractive because it features a mix of residential dwellings, commercial buildings, and warehouses.

It’s a safer drop site with fewer players fighting for loot. This boosts your odds of surviving and aids in combat preparation. 

Chumacerais also an excellent starting area from congested areas of the game due to its proximity to the map’s edge.

 3. Pecado

This region is a thriving community with tall skyscrapers, a gaming hall, and a stadium, which is found in the center of Miramar in BGMI. 

Due to the city’s unusual architecture, it is the perfect place for furious fights and close battles. 

Pecado is also well renowned for offering high-tier loot, which makes it a popular option for seasoned players seeking to swiftly enhance their weapons and armor in BGMI.

4. Hacienda del Patrón

It’s a high-tier loot location in Miramar’s southwest, drawing seasoned players looking for a hard early-game encounter in BGMI. 

The excellent loot in this opulent residence includes strong weapons, level-three equipment, and a ton of healing supplies. 

However, use caution as other players may be able to snipe you from the nearby slopes. 

5. Los Leones 

Los Leones has become the spot to go if you like rapid gaming and action-packed urban warfare in BGMI. 

Los Leones is the biggest city in Miramar and provides gamers with a vibrant and demanding experience. 

Los Leones offers several options for tactical maneuvers and surprise attacks with its soaring towers, streets, and dense populace.

Despite the need for new strategies and game plans in Miramar, the core idea is to land in zones that offer ample cover, adequate loot, and zonal control for the squads to capitalize on and wreak havoc upon opponents.

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