Top 5 Games On Steam To Play In 2024

Steam Games

PC gaming frequently acts as the cutting edge for the newest trends and advances in the gaming industry, whether it’s the rise of the battle royale genre or popular multiplayer survival games, which frequently result in large player concentrations.

However, very few PC games have ever achieved the extraordinary popularity of those at the top of Steam’s most played rankings, out of all those that have ever been on the charts.

If you are looking for recommendations for games to play on steam, while there are many, here are the top 5 games to play in 2024:

1. Apex Legends

It’s not surprising that Apex Legends is among the best Steam games to play in 2024it’s still one of the best battle royale games available. It’s crucial to keep in mind that, in addition to being a really well-polished shooter from the same company that brought us games like Titanfall 2, this one is also, and always has been, free to play, making it very accessible to anybody seeking to give it a try. 

2. Baldur’s Gate 3

August 3, 2023 saw the debut release of Baldur’s Gate 3, and shortly after, it shot up the Steam rankings to become one of the largest launches ever. The game is still going strong, having already received an overwhelming number of good reviews. 

The game’s appeal can be attributed to its simple design, which blends romance possibilities reminiscent of Dragon Age with some of the greatest role-playing aspects of Dungeons and Dragons. 

3. Call of Duty (MW III, Warzone, MW II)

Infinity Ward is the developer of the first-person shooter video game franchise called Call of Duty. The first six games in the series are set during World War II, but Modern Warfare marked the start of the series’ diversification. Presently, the series covers the Cold War, World War II, the present, the near future, and the far future. 

4. Counter-Strike 2

The 2023 multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game Counter-Strike 2 was created and released by Valve. It is the Counter-Strike series’ sixth major installment. 

It was revealed on March 22, 2023, and it was launched on September 27, 2023, taking the place of Global Offensive on Steam. The game was created as an improved version of the previous primary entry, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012).

5. Cyberpunk 2077

The excitement around Cyberpunk, the follow-up game from the team behind the renowned Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, undoubtedly contributed to its ascent to the top of the Steam rankings. 

It continues to be the most played Steam game without any type of multiplayer functionality.

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