Top 5 Guns For Beginners In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Any gamer out there who is aiming at dominating PUBG Mobile must at all times have the best weapon knowledge along with methods to effectively use them. 

Without weapon knowledge, it’s extremely difficult to win in PUBG Mobile. 

These are crucial resources, and the makers have taken care of new players in this area as well. 

There are many different types of weaponry in PUBG Mobile’s vast in-game armory, which occasionally makes selecting one challenging. 

Each one has different customization options, damage output, stability, and firing pace. 

Naturally, you want a firearm with minimal recoil and steadiness if you’re a novice. 

You can find the 5 best guns to use if you are a beginner in PUBG Mobile here below:

1. M416 

The M416 assault rifle is excellent at short range and handles well while spraying in PUBG Mobile. 

When compared to other assault rifles in the game, it has the best single-tapping recoil. 

This gun’s incredible recoil constitutes one of the best reasons to choose it. 

Its slight horizontal recoil means that controlling the firing rate would be simple. 

2. Micro UZI

It is easy to locate this small SMG on the maps of PUBG Mobile. It has a great deal of strength and can eliminate a whole squad. 

Because of its rapid firing rate, the UZI works best in packed spaces. However, it is not appropriate for long-range strikes because it only accommodates the use of red dot and holographic scope.

3. DP-28

The DP-28 includes a maximum capacity of 47 rounds for each cartridge and 7.62mm ammo. 

This weapon is an LMG and deals a lot of damage with each shot. 

When used in conjunction with a 4X or 6X scope the recoil stays steady and secure in PUBG Mobile.

4. AKM

There are AKM assault rifles everywhere on the battlefield, and they are quite simple to obtain in PUBG Mobile. 

This weapon is well-known to be used in squad matches by players around the world. 

The weapon’s fast rate of fire makes it ideal for close-quarters combat.

5. Kar-98

Despite the fact that many new players choose to utilize automatic weapons in PUBG Mobile, if you are looking to get into sniping, the Kar-98 is your best bet. 

The gun is simple to use and can be located on all of the game’s maps. 

The weapon’s damage and reloading efficiency have been recently updated to make it an even more dangerous prospect within PUBG Mobile.

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