Top 5 Tips To Master Sniping In BGMI


BGMI offers players an array of realistic weapons and armor to choose from which makes the game multi-dimensional in approach with each player choosing their own creative ways to carry out kills in the game. 

Every gamer in BGMI aspires to become a skilled sniper in the game, but doing so takes a high level of sniper weapon proficiency. 

Although it may seem simple in principle, accurately shooting competitors from a distance takes a lot of experience. It is extremely challenging to hit headshots. 

You can become the best sniper if you put out consistent work. This article explores the tricks and tips to improve one’s efficiency and effectiveness while snipping enemies in BGMI.

1. Positioning and taking cover 

Switching positions regularly in BGMI is a useful trick. The enemies may lose time trying to find the sniper as a result of this difficulty in locating them. 

Altering locations protects snipers from hostile fire, making it more difficult for enemies to locate them. 

Furthermore, while sniping, patience is also crucial. A skilled sniper understands when to fire and when to wait. 

They take their time before firing, which might disclose their position and result in an immediate fatality. 

Instead, they watch for the ideal moment for the adversary to be unfocused or immobile.

2. Choosing the right sniper 

Selecting the right weapon for the distance that you are shooting at is the crucial initial step in mastering sniping in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Every sniper weapon has a certain range where it performs at its best. 

Kar98K is ideal for mid-range targeting, whilst the M24 is great for long-range strikes in BGMI. 

Although AWM is considered to be one of the strongest snipers in the game, it can only be obtained from a drop. 

Players need to keep an eye on the drop and in the meanwhile have a substitute sniper in case they can’t find AWM within their vicinity in BGMI.

3. Choosing the appropriate attachments 

It is good to add different attachments to the sniper in order to improve long-range shooting. 

Players would be wise to attach a compensator. The compensator’s function is to reduce the firearm’s recoil and enable a steady shot. 

Additionally, other accessories like scopes and longer magazines should be used in BGMI.

4. Master Peek and Fire 

In BGMI, several players frequently employ the peek-and-fire strategy. 

Players can aim at their enemies without fully revealing themselves, which lowers the likelihood that they will be struck. 

This strategy entails immediately going again to cover after taking a shot and momentarily peeping out from behind it.

5. Teamwork and coordination 

Sniping isn’t a skill solely based on shooting accuracy but the art of unpredictability and hiding in plain sight. 

In BGMI, teams can assign specific individuals to snipe out opponents while the rest of the teammates provide cover fire and ample distraction making it difficult for opponents to gauge where exactly the shots are being fired from.

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