Top 5 Tips & Tricks For Squad Matches In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Squad matches are arguably one of the most interesting modes in PUBG Mobile. The joy of playing alongside your friends is unrivaled.

To defeat your enemies and win this mode, you must overcome a number of obstacles and trials. 

While practice will undoubtedly increase your chances of success, there are a few tactics you may use to reach your objective more rapidly.

Here are the top 5 tips that you can incorporate in your gameplay in squad matches in PUBG Mobile.

1. Squad positioning

In PUBG Mobile, strategic placement is crucial for winning squad engagements. Select drop locations that offer a good mix of early-game strategic positioning and loot. 

While areas with high activity might yield greater loot, they also increase the risk of first encounters.

As the game progresses, pay attention to the play zone that is getting smaller. While staying inside the protected area, strategically arrange your squad to take advantage of the terrain and cover. 

To cover more ground and increase your chances of being recognised by enemies in PUBG Mobile, spread out. 

To prevent being ambushed by other groups, make sure your movements and rotations are properly coordinated. 

2. Communication

In squad battles in PUBG Mobile, team members’ ability to communicate effectively is essential to victory. 

Use text messaging or voice chat to plan your movements, exchange opponent positions, and coordinate tactics.

Simple and straightforward communication can be the difference between an early death and a chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile. A leader who can act quickly under duress should be chosen for the team.

This makes it easier to maintain a consistent approach and removes uncertainty before important interactions in PUBG Mobile. 

3. Hone your skills

In PUBG Mobile Squad battles, combat skills and weapon selection are essential to securing the prized chicken dinner.  

Therefore, it is essential for each member of the squad to improve their skills and contribute to the game.

4. Drop points with sufficient loot 

Although landing in busy areas could provide more loot, it also raises the risk of early conflicts. 

Select the landing spots that best fit the aggressive or conservative playstyle of your team. It is best to prioritize weapons, ammunition, armor, and healing supplies.

5. Teamwork

Teamwork is unquestionably the most important element in these situations, as squad engagements often culminate in intense firefights. 

Plan your assaults, keep an eye out for any flankers, and shock and temporarily blind your opponents with smoke grenades and flashbangs.

Track down and eliminate opponents by keeping an ear out for auditory indications like footsteps or the popping of a grenade pin. 

Revive your teammates, but ensure that you do so carefully. 

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