Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Reach Conqueror In BGMI

BGMI Conqueror

BGMI is the type of battle royale game where pushing ranks needs the right vision and execution to ensure consistency. 

There are many ranks in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ace, Ace Master, and Ace Dominator. Conqueror is the highest of the ranks. The goal of every BGMI player is to turn into the Conqueror. 

The best players are found at this rank. Players must grind the game relentlessly and possess a few specific talents and abilities in order to achieve this rank. 

Gaining some insights will help you become a Conqueror and better equip you to meet the challenges that Battlegrounds Mobile India presents.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to reach Conqueror rank in BGMI.

1. Gaming as a squad

Participating in a game like BGMI alone offers a unique pleasure and difficulty. However, that isn’t the type of satisfying sensation you are hoping to have if your goal is to become a Conqueror. 

With all the seasoned players pushing for BGMI Ranks on the higher tiers, it will get very difficult very quickly. 

They will undoubtedly use every means necessary to undermine you. Being a part of a squad always makes sense and is superior. 

Whenever you game with friends or other players you are accustomed to, there is strong collaboration that eventually helps you win.

2. Weapon proficiency

While advancing in BGMI, it might be helpful to become proficient with the majority of the weapons. 

While pushing ranks, players might not always have their preferred weapon, thus it’s critical to understand the fundamentals of every weapon and how it functions. 

Utility weapons like smoke bombs and frag grenades become more significant as players advance in ranks.

3. Choosing the right landing zone

Landing in populated and contentious areas might provide extra kills plus loot but they carry a higher risk. 

While safe landings might extend your survival time, they can also reduce your alternatives. 

Take into account your aims and playstyle and balance your approach. Don’t depend only on one place to land. 

Become familiar with a variety of locations so that you can adjust to different patterns in BGMI.

4. Adaptive game style

Consistency may be maintained by pushing ranks while being adaptable in BGMI. 

Players should decide when to play passively or aggressively. Gamers may maximize their results and points from every match by learning to adapt to different scenarios and determining when to engage in and withdraw from combat.

5. Learning from the pros of the game

It is now accessible to watch BGMI professionals on their respective Twitch and YouTube channels. 

Gamers can analyze their movements and pay minute attention to details that will help upscale their gaming abilities in BGMI.

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