Indian Players Forced To Clean Their Toilets, Team India Receiving ‘Pathetic’ Treatment In Brisbane: Reports

Indian Players Forced To Clean Their Toilets, Team India Receiving ‘Pathetic’ Treatment In Brisbane: Reports

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India has finally reached Brisbane and there are reports that the players are receiving pathetic treatment. There was a lot of buzz saying that Team India has shown reluctance for not traveling to Brisbane due to strict quarantine rules. However, after everything finally reached the venue, and are struggling to find their rhythm.

The quarantine measures in Brisbane are quite harsh on players. This is the reason why the Indian cricket team wanted the venue for the final Test should be changed. But that never happened. Recently, the Queensland shadow minister hogged the spotlight for giving a statement that didn’t go down well with BCCI. And, the tour was on the verge of getting shortened.

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Reports: Team India Is Having Tough Time In Brisbane

According to recent reports, Indian team management is quite happy with the hotel. But, they have raised questions on why players are exempted from using the basic amenities available in the hotel. An official said that they were locked up in the rooms and are making their own bed as well as cleaning toilets. He added that they are also given instructions not to leave their floor.

“We are locked up in our rooms, have to make our own beds, clean our own toilets. Food is coming from a nearby Indian restaurant which will be given to us on our floor. We can’t move out of the floor that’s been designated to us,” said the official traveling with the team.

The official wanted to know that if the hotel is empty then why players are not getting to use common facilities like the swimming pool, gym, and cafe.

“The entire hotel is empty, but we can’t use any amenities in the hotel including the swimming pool and the gym. All the cafes and restaurants in the hotel are shut. But how is a team struggling with injuries expected to recover if basic amenities like pool and gym are not allowed? There’s no other guest in the hotel. It’s empty. Then why can’t the players use the amenities,” the officials added, describing the scenario as ‘pathetic’.

He asserted that the things they were told and getting in the hotel are totally different. The official looked upset that Cricket Australia didn’t work in making life comfortable for the players in such a difficult scenario.

“What was promised, by way of facilities, and what’s being provided here are two diametrically opposite things. A lot of things were said earlier during this tour like, once the mandatory quarantine is over, the players will be comfortable, will be given the necessary amenities, etc,” the official added.

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