BCCI To Set Priorities For Bilateral Series

BCCI To Set Priorities For Bilateral Series

The governing body of cricket the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is in the talks of devising a plan. This is to help the financially hit cricket nations in the wake of the COVID-19 or coronavirus outbreak. As per the reports from an official, the BCCI secretary Mr. Jay Shah is looking at solutions regarding the much talked about Future Tours Program or FTP.

India is likely to tour several countries for bilateral series following the nationwide lockdown. With the likelihood of adding matches to the existing home calendar. This is now well known that the Indian team can’t possibly tour every other test playing nation in a short span of time. However, it is quite possible for adding matches to the existing home calendar in order to help the other member boards by covering their current losses.

India is required to visit three nations in 2020. These incorporate three-match ODIs and T20Is in Sri Lanka. Along with three T20Is against the Proteas in South Africa. In the interim, India’s voyage through Zimbabwe stays under uncertainty. India is planned to visit Australia for a T20I contest right after the Asia Cup. Adding on, these two countries will contend in a four-coordinate Test match series down under after the T20 World Cup. The plan is to give revenue from extra matches to visiting teams.

BCCI To Set Priorities For Bilateral Series

Aside from the overseas visits, the BCCI is likewise intending to include home matches in the universal schedule. BCCI could generate around Rs. 950 crores from two-sided cricket in 2020-21 alongside the yearly income share from the ICC of around Rs. 380 crores. As per the official a piece of the returns from additional matches held in India might be given to the touring nations.

The BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal feels the pandemic won’t influence the cricket board monetarily.

As per the official, the word is that even in the direst outcome imaginable, the board will try its level best of ensuring that the staff and cricketing society are taken care of well and just. By giving a valiant effort to limit the effect on the cricketers and managerial staff,  He included, that the board has constantly stopped overabundance reserves or in instruments with utmost guaranteed returns. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has chalked out an arrangement to help nations that have been hit hard monetarily because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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BCCI secretary Jay Shah has guaranteed answers for Future Tours Program with India liable to visit littler groups for reciprocal arrangement once the pandemic closures. Each taking an interest all individual boards are just expected to gain Rs 60-90 crore from the T20 World Cup. BCCI makes around INR 60 crore from only 1 home match from their deal with the telecaster Star. Be that as it may, with the Covid-19 pandemic increasing in India, the BCCI could yet lose a great deal of income in the coming months. Although it is probably not going to drive the board to cut pay rates of its staff.

“Clearly there will be a few repercussions. We should hold up till cricket resumes to evaluate the real effect,” BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal disclosed to The Hindu.

Adding on he shared that indeed, even in the direst of outcomes imaginable, the board will attempt to secure the staff and cricketing organization, and give a valiant effort to limit the effect on our cricketers and authoritative staff. With the Australian Cricket Board in a tough situation subsequent to putting vigorously in value showcase, the board has been keen on its ventures.

By the way of setting priorities, it has carved out away. These bilateral series gain precedence over many tournaments like the Asia Cup. The board has shown its intent to keep cricket alive and competitive. All these highly competitive series are said to take precedence overall, including the T20 World Cup which is scheduled to be held in Australia in October. Naturally, once international cricket resumes, the board has made it clear.

The board has further clarified, although ICC has yet to take a decision over the T20 World Cup, the obvious chances for the event to be held in its original scheduled venue look slim and hazy now. All the international playing national boards, including the BCCI, will be earning around Rs 60-90 crores from the T20 World Cup.

Considering the Coronavirus Outbreak, every single sporting action has been affected over the globe. The England and Wales Cricket Board has just suspended its home season until July this year. here is still time for August. We are taking step by step. Shared the BCCI’s senior supervisor for Cricket Operations. The is that there is no solid back up plans all things considered.