Dark Secrets Leaked By Indian Premier League Cheerleaders


None in India or even in this World expected the IPL to be such an extravagant show. The lovely colored clothing of the players, the money involved, and the comprehensive coverage across the World were unique.

To top it all, the absolute icing on the cake was the cheerleaders! Many of them were professionals who traveled to India, and the Franchise owners nominated them. The one-minute dance or jig they did on a special stage erected for them enthralled the crowd in the stadium and the TV viewing folks.

Some did feel that the cheerleaders were too glamorous and skimpily dressed, which was in direct contrast with Indian Culture. Nothing stopped them anyway, for it was in good intention and high in entertainment value.

What glitters is not always gold. IPL was suddenly marred with controversies of match-fixing, substance misuse, late-night parties, etc. The cheerleaders added fuel to it as they began to voice their feelings discreetly at first and later on out in the open. There was a lid clamped on it, but a few did make it out to the open.

Here are a few dark secrets leaked by the cheerleaders.

1. Acts of Bollywood:

The cheerleaders cheer and dance to celebrate their team’s victory for the moment. For example, a boundary, a sixer, or a wicket while bowling would have them galloping to their stage and dance to the crowds. The TV camera would also often be upon them, and many felt they had seen them before.

Yes, there are familiar faces as they join the IPL bandwagon through Bollywood agencies. They are part of the dance troupes that have featured in Hindi movies in the past. Many foreigners learned the Indian way of dancing which added spice.