Don King Net Worth 2021: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family

Don King was International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee in 1997
NameDon King
Age90 Years 
Net Worth$150 Million 
Source of Incomes Boxing Promoter
Last UpdatedDecember 2021

Don King is the king of the money game in Boxing and certainly “King” in his surname justifies his life. Boxing is a game where two boxers fight each other to win titles but King revolutionized this sport with an injection of new promoting techniques which added a new dimension to the Boxing game. 

Don King is the main man behind greats of games like Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson and without him certainly, their life would’ve been very different and less luxurious. He is now semi-retired but during his time he represented almost every big name from different eras and still has most fights in the record book in terms of pay-per-view buys.

However, he has been very controversial throughout his career and almost every Boxer he represented has sued him for fraud and underpayment at some point of time. Even after so much controversy, his name in the Boxing world will always be immortal and his contributions in making this sport rich will never be forgotten.

NameDon King
Place of BirthOhio
Years Active 1954-present
Other NameKing
Height 6’2
Ethnicity American 
Major Achievements Promoter of Mohammad Ali and Mike Tyson 

Don King’s Net Worth

Don King is the master behind many of Boxing’s biggest events like “Rumble in the Jungle” and “Thrilla in Manila” which in today’s world could’ve been worth more than many countries GDP. He has lived his life like a King which is his surname and his net worth is estimated to be around mammoth $150 Million Dollars and almost every penny has been earned through his career as a Promoter.

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Don King Family Life and Early Life 

Don King was born in Ohio and completed his schooling at John Adams High. King then dropped out and ran illegal bookmaking and gambling operations which was the start of his obsession with sports and money games. His life has been filled with many dark secrets and he has been charged with murder twice during the 1950s and 60s. His first murder was justified as the right to protect himself but the second time, he was found guilty and had to serve prison time for some years.

FatherHattie King 
MotherClarence King 
Married Wife died
WifeHenrietta King
ChildrenDeborah King, Carl King, Eric King 

Don King’s Wife and Children 

Don King has been a controversial figure in his professional life but surprisingly he has been a very loyal and loving family man in his personal life. He married his childhood love Henrietta and never made any headlines because of any alleged extramarital affairs. She died on 2 December 2010 and they both have three children together. Don is in his 90s and now lives in a luxurious penthouse where he spends time with his 5 grandkids.

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Don King’s Career

Don King entered the Boxing world in 1974 and started his enterprise with local promoter Don Elbaum who had contacts with many famous boxers of that era. Don King’s first client was Mohammad Ali and certainly his biggest money-making client ever. He promoted Ali’s fight versus George Foreman which is now remembered as “Rumble in the Jungle” and is one of the most iconic boxing events of all time. 

After that event, his life changed and many big boxers approached King because of his unique way of promoting which was making more money to boxers. He became Boxing’s undisputed promoter in the 1980s and 90s with every World Champion like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Julio Cesar, Aaron Pryor, Bernard Hopkins, and many more associated with him.

However, things changed drastically for him in the mid-90s after the revelation of many of his frauds and scams. Mike Tyson’s 100 Million suits almost ended his career as no one in the industry was then ready to trust Don King. He fought many lawsuits in the 2000s also and had to leave promoting events because of a bad image.

Don King House

Don King has spent his whole life traveling around the world with his boxers but now he lives in his Manalapan Estate which is worth $20 Million which he put up for sale in 2011 but didn’t find any suitable buyer. King has many houses in the USA and most of them are near beaches and the sea as King loves beaches. His real estate in the USA is reportedly worth more than $90 Million according to some close sources.

Don King Social Media Appearance 

Don King is a 90-year-old man and always is labeled as a bad man of the Boxing world which Don King suggests as painful and that’s why he has been away from the limelight since 2003 and is not at any social media platform.

Don King’s Law Suits

Don King changed the money game for everyone in Boxing but certainly, his greed for money has left him red-handed many times. He has been accused many times by almost every client of fraud and scams relating to the payment of money. 

AccuserLawsuit Amount ($)Settlement 
Mohammad Ali1.1 Million 50,000
Larry Holmes2 Million 150,000
Tim Witherspoon 25 Million 1 Million 
Mike Tyson 100 Million 14 Million 
Terry Norris7.5 Million 7.5 Million 
King to ESPN2.5 Billion Rejected 
Lennox Lewis385 Million Rejected 

Don King’s Controversies

  • In 1992, King was questioned for Money laundering and connections to high level mobster John Gotti
  • In 2016 during Donal Trump’s presidential campaign, King publicly used “Nigga” word in his speech which was criticized by black community

Don King’s Achievements and Unknown Facts 

  • Don King was International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee in 1997
  • He became inductee of Gaming Hall of Fame in 2008
  • He has Street in Newark, New Jersey is named after him
  • He has been associated with 7 fights out of top 10 highest pay per view buy Boxing fights of all time.
  • Don King is very health conscious 
  • Don King has his own website named


FAQs about Don King

Q. Is Don King alive?


Q. How much money did Don King steal from Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson filed suit against him of 100 Million

Q. Has Don King also represented Floyd Mayweather?


Q. Is Don King still a friend of Mike Tyson?

Yes, they were pictured together in 2021 September after almost 20 years after the lawsuit

Q. Is Don King Nigerian?


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