Paul Pogba Net worth 2021, Salary, Endorsements, Controversy, Cars, and Girlfriends

Paul Pogba is currently playing for Manchester United in in English Premier League 2021-22
Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba’s net worth is currently worth $125 million. Paul Pogba is a French midfielder who currently plays for Manchester United in England’s Premier League. He is one of the foremost famous footballers around the world and is Manchester United’s costliest transfer signing. The French midfielder was an integral part of France’s World Cup-winning side in 2018 and is considered one among the famous midfielders within the footballing world.

Paul Pogba Net Worth

Paul Pogba’s net worth stands at an enormous $125 million, making him one among the very best-worth footballers in the world. Paul Pogba’s net worth made him rank no. 43 on Forbes‘ 2021 list of the world’s highest-paid athletes after having earned an estimated $35.5 million over the past year.

His major source of income is his lucrative endorsement with leading sports brand Adidas, which offer him $31 million during a ten-year deal. He earns a total salary of 105 million dollars from sponsorships with Adidas, Pepsi, and TEL, a Chinese based telephonic company

Pogba’s total earning125 million dollars
Pogba’s salary earned at Manchester United20 million dollars
Pogba’s salary earned from sponsorships105 million dollars

The 28-year old midfielder joined Manchester United from Juventus in 2016 on a five-year contract for a record transfer fee of €105 million (£89.3 million). The 28-year old reportedly earns £290,000 ($408,000) per week in his current effect United making him the second-highest-paid player at United. Here is a tabular representation of Pogba’s salary with Manchester United over the years:-

2017Manchester United£15080000
2018Manchester United£10400000
2019Manchester United£15080000
2020Manchester United£15080000
2021Manchester United£15080000

Paul Pogba Endorsements

Paul Pogba has 3 major endorsements which incorporate leading sporting equipment company Adidas, from Germany. The German company signed Pogba on a ten-year deal worth £31 million in 2016. Pogba also endorses New York-based beverage giant PepsiCo. He was also named as the brand ambassador of TCL, a Chinese-based telephone company, and promotes the company through various advertisements on his social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

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Paul Pogba Football Career

Paul Pogba is a Manchester United academy graduate and trained for many years at the club, with for the youth team. He featured for the U-18 side within the years 2009 and 2010 before eventually making his debut within the season 2011-12 under Alex Ferguson.

However, he only played 3 times for the Red Devils and shortly after made a move to Juventus, an Italian Superclub by next year. He signed for the Old Lady and his career took off in Italy as he displayed his full talent and prowess on the ball as a midfielder in Serie A. He made  124 appearances at the club during his 4-year stay and scored 28 goals.

However, in 2016, Pogba made a return to his former club Manchester United on a huge €105 million transfer fee which made him the foremost expensive player at the time. Since then, he has played for the Premier League giants for the past 5 years. In these years, he has made himself one of the most talented players within the league and has accumulated a variety of trophies to his name.

Among those, the planet Cup triumph with France in 2018 would rank at the highest where he played an integral role to bring home the trophy for his side, along with Kylian Mbappe, the budding French superstar.

Paul Pogba’s all-time career stats:

SeasonTeamApps (Subs)Goals (P)AssistsYellowsRedsMin Played
Euro Cup 2020France4 (0)1 (0)10 (0)0376
UEFA Europa League 20/21Man Utd6 (1)2 (0)13 (0)0433
Premier League 20/21Man Utd26 (5)3 (0)33 (0)01898
WC Qualification, UEFA 2022France3 (1)0 (0)01 (0)0177
FA Cup 20/21Man Utd2 (0)0 (0)01 (0)0154
EFL Cup 20/21Man Utd3 (1)1 (0)01 (0)0201
UEFA Champions League 20/21Man Utd5 (4)0 (0)20 (0)0179
UEFA Nations League 20/21France4 (1)0 (0)01 (0)0286
UEFA Europa League 19/20Man Utd3 (1)0 (0)00 (0)0237
Premier League 19/20Man Utd16 (3)1 (0)31 (0)01206
FA Cup 19/20Man Utd2 (2)0 (0)01 (0)077
EFL Cup 19/20Man Utd1 (0)0 (0)00 (0)090
Int. Champions Cup 2019Man Utd2 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0108
European Championship 2021, QualificationFrance4 (0)0 (0)01 (0)0360
Premier League 18/19Man Utd35 (1)13 (7)96 (0)03010
UEFA Champions League 18/19Man Utd9 (1)2 (1)10 (1)0729
FA Cup 18/19Man Utd3 (0)1 (0)00 (0)0270
UEFA Nations League 18/19France3 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0270
World Cup 2018France6 (0)1 (0)01 (0)0539
FA Cup 17/18Man Utd3 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0270
Premier League 17/18Man Utd27 (2)6 (0)95 (0)12151
UEFA Champions League 17/18Man Utd5 (2)0 (0)10 (0)0278
EFL Cup 17/18Man Utd1 (0)0 (0)01 (0)090
World Cup 2018, Qualification, UEFAFrance7 (0)2 (0)04 (0)0630
UEFA Super Cup 2017Man Utd1 (0)0 (0)00 (0)090
Int. Champions Cup 2017Man Utd3 (1)0 (0)00 (0)0224
UEFA Europa League 16/17Man Utd15 (0)3 (1)12 (0)01263
Premier League 16/17Man Utd30 (1)5 (0)37 (0)02609
FA Cup 16/17Man Utd2 (1)0 (0)00 (0)0118
EFL Cup 16/17Man Utd4 (0)1 (0)01 (0)0360
European Championship 2016France7 (1)1 (0)01 (0)0601
Coppa Italia 15/16Juventus5 (1)1 (0)02 (0)0424
Serie A 15/16Juventus35 (2)8 (1)1310 (0)03019
UEFA Champions League 15/16Juventus8 (0)1 (0)20 (0)0750
Super Cup 2015Juventus1 (0)0 (0)00 (0)090
Champions League 14/15Juventus10 (0)1 (0)33 (0)0833
Serie A 14/15Juventus26 (2)8 (0)14 (0)02110
Coppa Italia 14/15Juventus4 (1)1 (0)01 (0)0277
Super Cup 2014Juventus1 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0120
World Cup 2014France5 (1)1 (0)11 (0)0354
Serie A 13/14Juventus36 (3)7 (0)44 (0)03066
UEFA Europa League 13/14Juventus8 (2)1 (0)01 (0)0517
Champions League 13/14Juventus6 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0540
World Cup Qualification 2014, Europe (UEFA)France6 (0)1 (0)00 (1)0529
U20 World Cup 2013France6 (0)2 (2)03 (0)0570
Serie A 12/13Juventus27 (9)5 (0)11 (0)11735
Champions League 12/13Juventus8 (5)0 (0)01 (0)0337
Coppa Italia 12/13Juventus2 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0180
Berlusconi Trophy 2012Juventus1 (0)0 (0)00 (0)090
Premier League 11/12Man Utd3 (3)0 (0)00 (0)068
UEFA Europa League 11/12Man Utd1 (1)0 (0)01 (0)027
Carling Cup 11/12Man Utd3 (3)0 (0)00 (0)0100

Paul Pogba’s Girlfriend:-

The Manchester United French superstar is currently during a three-year relationship with a model by the name of Maria Zulay Salaues. They started dating back in 2017 and have married later in 2022, according to various celebrity news sources. Maria is 25 years old and she is from the city of Robore, Bolivia.

She moved to the United States, later in her teens in order to pursue her career as a model and has been successful since then. Pogba and her wife were blessed with their first child in 2019, by the name of Labile Shakur. They regularly post pictures of them with their son on Instagram to show that they love each other as a family, as most of us do.

Pogba’s Lifestyle and Luxurious things he owns:-

Manchester United’s 89 million pound midfielder shot to further star status as becoming the most expensive signing ever in 2017 before winning the inaugural FIFA World cup for France in 2018, Russia. He leads a very Galactico lifestyle, from his 1.6 million pounds supercar collection to his 2.9 million pounds Mansion in Manchester.

He is happy to share his wealth and status with his 41 million followers on Instagram, as he uploads his photos regularly. He spends a high amount of money to secure a life full of luxurious owned properties. He owns a wide range of luxurious cars, Countless jets, and a gorgeous 2.9 million pounds mansion, which is in Manchester, England

Paul Pogba’s Luxury car collection:-

Car NamePrice
Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge286410 pounds
Ferrari 812260000 pounds
Lamborghini Aventador271146 pounds
Bentley Flying Spur132800 pounds
Mercedes GLS 4X471464 pounds
Audi RS6105000 pounds
Maserati Quattroporte(GTS GranSport)146800 pounds
Chevrolet Camaro30955 pounds

Other luxurious things Pogba owns:-

Mansion(Pogpad)2.9 million pounds
Private Jet(Gulfstream G280)25 million pounds

Pogba’s Social Media Status

According to a social media study by various online statistical websites, Pogba has become the Instagram top user with 218 posts among the premier league players.27% of Pogba’s posts on Instagram are about his club, 6% about his national team, 39% about his performance, 12 % to brand and 16% on lifestyle.

Because of his world-famous stardom, Pogba has amassed a total of 45943722 followers on Instagram,24 million followers on Facebook, and 9 million followers on Twitter respectively 

Paul Pogba Quick Facts (Marital Status, Nationality)

NamePaul Pogba
Current ClubManchester United
Net Worth125 million Dollars
Salary20 Million Dollars
EndorsementsAdidas, TCL, PepsiCo
Marital StatusMarried to Maria Zulay Salaues

Paul Pogba Social Media Appearence

Social Media PlatformFollowersProfile
Instagram46 millionClick Here
Facebook24 millionClick Here
Twitter9 millionClick Here

Some facts about Pogba’s personal life

Pogba is a stout Muslim and is extremely devoted to it. He ensures that he wakes up early for a Namaz to Allah, so that good luck favors him in football and he continues to follow his professional career. He also goes to Mecca once a year with his family, to pray in the abode of Allah and seek his blessings.

Pogba is a big fan of spicy dishes from all around the world, especially from Asia, such as noodles and Korean foods such as kimchi fried rice and Tteokbokki. Because of his fascination for Korean food, he went to Korea to make his television debut in Korean television with the famous Korean singer Kim jongkook.

He is a very cheerful person and likes to follow modern trends in society today. He likes to behave in a swag-like persona, as evidenced by his recent establishment of Pogboom, which is an Adidas-based collaboration that sells football boots and accessories related to the youth. He is an excellent leader, and his leadership qualities in the French dressing room propelled France to win the FIFA world cup final against Croatia in 2018.  

Pogba’s Individual achievements

Pogba was promoted to the senior team on a permanent basis in Manchester United in the 2011-2012 season. He made his premier league debut on 31st January 2012 and was entertaining his fans with his skills on the ball. He then moved to the Italian side, Juventus FC, where he won a lot of titles and individual trophies.

He was named the 2013 Golden boy for the best young player in Europe later that season, due to his incredible performance for the Italian side in SERIE A. He improved his skills and techniques on the ball while playing alongside world-class midfield maestros in Juventus like Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio, and Arturo Vidal.

Because of his improvement and sudden spike in his footballing ability, he was making headlines as one of the promising young talents in Europe. He was instrumental for Juventus in securing the SERIE A title in 2015, where he topped the assist chart of SERIE A that season.

In his successful career with Juventus, Pogba scored 24 goals in 124 appearances, which is a world-class statistic for an attacking midfielder

The young Frenchman then returned to his former club Manchester United FC, for an exorbitant cost of 105 million Euros, which was the record transfer fee in the 2017 season. He has played 51 games in all competitions and scored 9 goals and 6 assists in the 2016/17 season.

Because of his efforts for the English premier league side, Pogba won the English League cup and the UEFA Europa League trophy for Manchester United.

He has won the u-20 world cup for Les Blues, but his glory moment arrived in 2018, where he spearheaded France to win the FIFA world cup against Croatia in Russia, 2018. Because of his efforts, he was awarded player of the year for the French national team.

YearTrophies won
2013Golden Boy Award FIFA U-20 world cup best player
2014Bravo Award Best Young Player Award(FIFA World Cup 2014)
20162015 UEFA team of the year
20162015 FIFA FIFPro World XI
2018-19PFA Team of the year

Pogba’s Trophies won:-

Pogba is a world-class attacking midfielder and is one of the best players in the world in his position. Pogba has achieved a lot of trophies, titles in his footballing career with Juventus, Manchester United, and the French national team.

He won scudetto, Italian Serie A trophies for four consecutive years(2012/13 season to 2015/16 season), with Juventus, which shows how he along with Juventus Fc completely dominated the Italian league, SERIE A.

He also won 2 Coppa Italia cups (14/15 and 15/16 season) and 2 Italian super cups(13/14 and 15/16 season) with Juventus FC. Because of his role in Juventus, Pogba has won the player of the year 2 times in the 13/14 season for Serie A and in the 15/16 season for the Juventus side.

He later moved to the lucrative English Premier league in 2017, where he signed up with Manchester United. He was also successful there and instrumental in Manchester United’s increased trophy hall in their cabinet.

Pogba has won the English cup in 2017 with the English side and also in 2011 when he was a youth academy graduate. He has also won the Europa league cup with Manchester United, beating Ajax in 2-0 master class. He scored and assisted in each of the goals for Manchester United in the final.

For the French National team, Pogba has won the u-20 world cup and the coveted FIFA world cup, which was held in Russia in 2018. He was among the best players in the team and a leader who influenced his team to beat Croatia in the final and clutching the prestigious trophy, which any football professional craves for in their footballing career

Titles won by Paul Pogba has for his club and country:

Juventus FC(12/13)Italian champion(SERIE A)
Juventus FC(13/14)Italian champion(SERIE A) Italian super cup
Juventus FC(14/15) Juventus FC(14/15)Italian champion(SERIE A) Copa Italia
Juventus(15/16)Italian champion(SERIE A) Italian Super cup Copa Italia  
Manchester United(10/11)English League cup
Manchester United(16/17)English League cup UEFA Europa league cup
French national team(Les Bleus)(2013)U-20 FIFA world cup
French national team(Les Bleus)(2018)FIFA World cup

Paul Pogba Controversies:-

  • Pogba was involved in a controversy where he was furious with the insulting comments made by the French President Macron to the French national team , according to various online tabloids. Because of this incident , it was reported by various online French news article , that Pogba decided to quit the French national team. However it was later confirmed that neither the French superstar nor the French Football association confirmed these claims.
  • The French superstar was pulled over by the Manchester United police because he was driving his car with a French number plate , which was illegal in England. The matter was later resolved when he changed his car plate to the UK edition and he had to pay a hefty fine as a result of that.
  • Pogba was also sent off for his spitting incident , during Juventus’s SERIE A match against Palermo. He spat at Salvatore Aronica and was sent off. He later was given a three match ban for this incident because of which he missed three matches against Atlanta , Cagliari and Sampdoria.
Quitting the French national team because of insulting comments made by Macron, French President2020
His car was pulled over by the Manchester United police because his car license plate was French2020
Spitting incident involved with Parma’s Salvatore Aronica2013

FAQ about Paul Pogba:-

1.What religion does Paul Pogba follows?

Ans-He is a devout muslim

2.What is Pogba’s favorite food?

Ans-Spaghetti al’ Arrabiaya with Tuna and Vegetables

3.What is Paul Pogba’s nickname?

Ans-Il Polpo Paul(Paul the octopus)

4.who is Pogba’s role model in Football?

Ans-Andrea Pirlo

5.Which team Pogba supported when he was young?

Ans-Arsenal Fc

6.How many Brothers does Pogba have and what are their names?

Ans-Pogba has two twin brothers(Mathias Pogba and Florentin Pogba) and they also play soccer professionally. They are new Guinean internationals.

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