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2020 Guide for Best Assault rifle in PUBG | Find the Best AR in Pubg


Have you played PUBG Mobile, India’s most-loved game that changed the gaming ecosystem? If yes, then you must how important & useful Assault Rifles (AR) are while hunting down enemies at different situations in the game! You must have also wondered which is the Best assault rifle in Pubg, right? That we have made a detailed countdown of top assault rifles in Pubg so that you can find the best AR!

PUBG Mobile has taken the World by a storm! And you can find so many gamers in India and across streaming their game playing on YouTube, and earning great views!

But, when it comes to playing PUBG Mobile, the iconic game features many kinds of guns. From light machine to sub-machine guns to pistols to assault rifles to sniper rifles to melee weapons and more, you can use any of them.

If we talk about the firepower of a weapon, assault rifles score over others. It is especially in combats such as close and mid-range.

Top 5 assault rifles(AR) in Pubg

Here we have listed the best guns in Pubg mobile, starting from the worst to the absolute best.

5) AKM

AKM - assault rifle in pubg

Along with Groza, AKM is loaded with joint highest single-shot damages power among the commonest of the assault rifles. You can count on AKM for mid-range and close-mid range combats.

Firing modesAuto, Single
Ammo Used7.62 mm
Magazine Capacity30
Bullet Speed 715m/s
Firing Rate0.100s
Reloading time2.900s

AKM Advantages

  • Loaded with high damage capacity – When you want to cause damage to your enemies, AKM is a Good Choice for close-mid and close range. It comes with single-shot damage of 49. The AR takes just 2 shots on the head to hunt down your enemy.
  • A monster in mid-close range encounters – If you are involved in close-mid range and mid-range combats, AKM is the weapon to go for. Loaded with less bullet spread and high damage properties make AKM the ultimate choice for intense gunfights. 

AKM Disadvantages

  • You may find it difficult to control – AKM assault rifle has strong recoil action. Due to this, firing bullets at your enemies from a mid-range distance can be challenging. The chances are that your gun may point to the Sky while shooting your enemies. It can happen due to its strong vertical and horizontal recoil action.
  • Low firing speed makes it disappointing – When you are playing a PUBG Mobile game, you may not want to give your targets an edge over you. But with the low firing speed of AKM, it is possible. If your enemy is using Groza or Beryl M762, then you may not have a chance. AKM takes 0.100s approx time between shots – making you susceptible to attacks!

4) Beryl M762

Beryl M762 - assault rifle in pubg

Beryl M762 is a very capable assault rifle in Pubg, as it is compatible with many attachments, causes greater damage, and comes with a supreme fire rate. And that makes it one of the best if you talk about 7.62mm assault rifles in Pubg.

Firing modesSingle, Burst and Auto
Ammo Used7.62 mm
Magazine Capacity30
Bullet Speed715m/s
Firing Rate0.086s
Reloading time2.9s

M762 Advantages

  • High bullet firing rate – Beryl M762 has a 0.086s between per shots firing speed. And that makes it lethal in close and mid-range encounters. If your enemy is wearing a fresh Level 3 Spetsnaz Helmet, then this AR will take 2-3 shots to Knock them. It is because it comes with 47 single-shot damage/rating. This AR will take 6-7 shots to kill opponents when they have adorned a fresh Level 3 Military Vest.
  • Availability of a highest number of attachments – This weapon is flexible enough when it comes to attachments of gun accessories. The gun can attach any numbers of gun accessories in entire 7.62 mm ammunition AR range. This quality of AR makes it flexible and easy to control when you engage in any combat.

M762 Disadvantages

  • Strong recoil – This AR has a higher vertical recoil amount owing to its top speed of firing. Hence, you may find it tough to control this gun in mid-long range combats. What’s more, using it without a foregrip attachment and muzzle will make your job even tougher. Using a vertical foregrip and a compensator may help for a better grip. It will also help in reducing the effects of strong recoil action.
  • Magazine empties faster than you expect – Since the AR has a higher firing speed, it is bound to see its Magazine getting emptied faster. If you don’t hit enough shots into your enemy’s body, you may run out of ammunition in close engagements. The reloading time of 2.9s can also make your combats troublesome while in a close encounter.

3) AUG A3


AUG A3 is a 5.56mm compatible gun. This assault rifle can only be taken in PUBG Mobile’s flare and normal airdrops. You can find it easier to operate, and that it makes this AR the most popular assault rifle in Pubg among new and professional gamers.

Firing modesSingle, Auto
Ammo Used 5.56 mm
Magazine Capacity30
Bullet Speed940m/s
Firing Rate0.08571s
Reloading time3.6666s

AUG A3 Advantages

  • Controlling this AR is effortless – This AR comes with less recoil. And that’s why you can find it much easier to control in mid-range and long-range encounters. You can spray with a scope of 3x and 4x with this gun if you are able to operate it smoothly.
  • It needs fewer attachments – You can attach the A3 with only a magazine, a muzzle, and a foregrip. This AR’s recoil can become almost 0 if you use proper accessories. But if you are not using any of them, you can still find it easier to control owing to its small recoil amount. A3 is a deadly option when you want to spray with 4x/6x in the mid-long range. You can do that when you load the AR with correct attachments. Overall, you can use this gun to your advantage in close range, mid-long range, and close-mid range combats.

AUG A3 Disadvantages

  • You can get it only via drops – You may find it tough to use this AR as it is available only through the flare and normal airdrops. Even collecting it using airdrops will not be viable. It is because many players would want to get it and enjoy that delicious ‘Chicken Dinner.’
  • A bad choice for combats with long reloading time – This assault rifle comes with a reloading time of 3.6666s minus the quickdraw mag and 3s with it. It won’t be the right option to use, especially when you need to refill it in an encounter.  But if you attach the extensive quickdraw magazine in AUG A3, then it can help.

2) M416

M416 - assault rifle in pubg

M416 is on the 2nd position in our list of the best assault rifle in Pubg, because of the less damage per second and low damages power.  

Firing ModesSingle, Auto
Ammo Used 5.56 mm
Magazine Capacity30
Bullet Speed880m/s
Firing Rate0.086s
Reloading time2.100s

M416 Advantages

  • Effortless control– Among all ARs that you will use in PUBG Mobile, M416 comes with the largest attachment capacity. Be it a muzzle, a magazine, a tactical stock and a magazine; you can load this AR with ease. Also, its horizontal and vertical recoil is smaller in amount – making it unproblematic to control. You can bank on this AR to use in any range of combat as it’s an all-rounder gun.
  • Higher fire rate– If you compare the fire rate of other ARs in PUBG Mobile, then you will determine that M416’s fire rate is advanced. When you are dealing with close-range combats, this aspect of this AR can help you. The gun can let you enjoy having an edge in 1v1 fights and squad house rushing. But that will be possible only when your enemy has a weapon with less fire rate than that of M416.

M416 Disadvantages

  • This AR is of no use without accessories– You will find that this assault rifle is super dependent on attachments to thrive. And it may not be of much use without using attachments in mid-range combats. Thus, using foregrip and tactical stock becomes vital.
  • Leads to less damage per shot– This assault rifle is loaded with an approx 43 damage/ single shot. And if your opponent is using Groza, AKM or M762, then you may not have enough chances to sustain for long. It is because if you are unable to come up with enough shots or fire first, you are bound to be eliminated.

1) Groza

Groza - assault rifle in pubg

Groza is a beast that every PUBG Mobile player wants to have. It is because this AR comes with a single shot damage rating of 49. It is a significant weapon in close-mid and close range encounters. Just 1-2 shots of Groza on the head of your enemy, and you will be able to get rid of them!

Firing modesSingle, Auto
Ammo Used7.62 mm
Magazine Capacity30
Bullet Speed715m/s
Firing Rate0.080s
Reloading time3.000s

Groza Advantages

  • Enjoy the higher degree of damage – This AR is equipped with 49 single-shot damage capacity – making it a monster in any situation in PUBG Mobile. It can be too much for your enemies to handle. It is because this AR also has a 0.080s between/shot firing speed.
  • Easy to control with in-built vertical foregrip–This AR has an in-built vertical foregrip – making it extremely easy to control. Also, the presence of a small horizontal recoil amount and right vertical recoil amount make it smooth to control.

Groza Disadvantages

  • Available only as an airdrop AR option – Groza is a rare rifle to find in PUBG Mobile. You will come across it only during a flare and standard airdrop. What’s more, acquiring the AR won’t be a cakewalk as lots of players will vie for it during drops.
  • Equipped with poor accessory compatibility – You can load this AR only with a suppressor as your muzzle accessory. And it may not be enough to help you control the vertical recoil. You also won’t have the alternative of attaching extra foregrip and stock attachments. Thus, players also ought to have extra magazine ammo because this AR empties fast owing to a rapid firing rate.

Special Mentions

These assault rifles in Pubg couldn’t make it in our top 5 list.


SCAR-L -  assault rifle in pubg

No matter what encounters you are in, you can count on The SCAR-L as your perfect assault rifle in Pubg. It has low recoil and comes with an excellent headshot percentage prospect.

Ammo Used5.56mm
Magazine Capacity30
Bullet Speed870 m/s
Firing Rate0.096s

2) M16A4 


If you are battling it out in mid and long-range fights, then you can use The M16A4 AR. The rifle comes with one of the best bullet travel rates. It’s only minus point is that it does not boast of the full-auto version. You can only use it as a single and burst mode. Nonetheless, the AR can be used as a DMR rifle by players. Yes, it is possible on a single-shot approach with either 4x or 6x scope.

Ammo Used5.56mm
Magazine Capacity30
Bullet Speed900 m/s
Firing Rate0.075s

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