5 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid While Playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is amongst the most popular games across the globe currently. It is one that is quite easy to pick up.

Thus, it is loved by both beginners and pro gamers alike. While PUBG Mobile is definitely easy to begin with, some tips can help you quickly gain an upper hand.

Here are 5 mistakes that beginners usually make that you should avoid while starting to play PUBG Mobile.

1. Rushing unnecessarily

Players commonly make the mistake of rushing into battles without a sound plan due to PUBG Mobile‘s fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled nature, which may result in reckless actions. 

This might be a dangerous oversight, endangering both individual survival and the team’s prospects of success as a whole.

In such situations, it is certain that premature fatalities, diminished team bonding, and a failure to take advantage of favourable conditions would occur. 

The creation and implementation of a tactical strategy are essential prior to participating in battles.

2. Not taking cover

The strategic elements of positioning and making good use of cover continue to influence how PUBG Mobile engagements turn out. Those who disregard these attributes are at a severe disadvantage. 

It is impossible to stress the importance of advantageous fighting location and using the available cover. 

Players that break these restrictions expose themselves to enemy fire, making it easier for enemies to score shots and achieve eliminations. 

A crucial survival skill is still hiding from enemy sight and gunfire behind hills, structures, and trees.

3. Not paying attention to sounds

Even with potential improvements to gameplay and aesthetics, PUBG Mobile’s audio component is still quite significant. 

The actions and intents of enemies may be greatly influenced by the sounds of vehicles, weapons, and footsteps. Serious repercussions may result if these warning signs are ignored.

Those who disregard the value of sound are often surprised or ambushed.

A greater awareness of sound cues may aid in predicting threats, tracking the actions of enemies, and selecting the best course of action.

4. Not strategizing 

Beginners should adopt a more passive playstyle by concentrating on gathering loot, camp out in excellent hiding areas, and attacking enemies from a distance, as opposed to skilled players who take an aggressive approach by just going on an attack and smothering enemies with bullets.

5. Not using vehicles

If you don’t have a vehicle, walking puts you at a larger danger of being ambushed by nearby enemies or even snipers.

In the game, vehicles are frequently used to go about rapidly, run over enemies, get to safe zones in a timely manner, and escape being shot.

Your success percentage in a match is greatly influenced by the speed advantage, and there are several of them distributed for you to drive. Use vehicles more if you’re just starting out.

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