BGMI Cricket Exchange Centre Details, Rewards, Guide


A new Exchange Center has arrived in Battlegrounds Mobile India to commemorate the cricket fervour and the men’s Indian team’s advancement into the finals. 

Gamers who have been anticipating a new exchange center with great anticipation have already expressed delight about the event.

The BGMI 2.8 version now has the new Cricket Exchange Center, which can be accessed through in-game events. It will be open until November 23 at 5:29 am IST. 

To take part in the exchange event in BGMI, players must finish the daily objectives that are offered and obtain Cricket Bats.

After that, they may be traded in for a premium set, glasses, and other items.

BGMI Cricket Exchange Centre

Below is a summary of the amazing prizes that may be won at the new Cricket Exchange Center in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • Exchange 850 Cricket Bats – Maritime Agent Set
  • Exchange 350 Cricket Bats – Maritime Agent Glasses
  • Exchange 90 Cricket Bats – Classic Crate Coupon
  • Exchange 30 Cricket Bats – Supply Crate Coupon

The Crate Coupons can be used more than once, however the cosmetics can only be used once.

The Cricket Bats will expire after the event ends in BGMI and will not be carried over to the subsequent version of the event, just like the prior exchange event tokens. 

Players in BGMI should thus trade in all of their gathered cricket bats in order to receive their desired prizes as quickly as feasible.

Steps to obtain cricket bats

Daily tasks in the new sub-events can be completed to quickly get Cricket Bats. Daily Trek, Arena Frenzy, and Classic Blitz are the three new sub-events that Battlegrounds Mobile India has launched thus far.

The several sub-events that BGMI participants can participate in to acquire Cricket Bats are as follows:

Daily Trek:

  • Login once every day and get 5 Cricket Bats each day.

Arena Frenzy:

  • Play Arena mode once every day and get 10 Cricket Bats each day.
  • Play Arena mode five times every day and get 50 Cricket Bats each day.

Classic Blitz:

  • Play classic mode once every day and get 15 Cricket Bats each day.
  • Play classic mode with friends five times every day and get 75 Cricket Bats each day.

Players may simply access the BGMI game, engage in the well-liked Zombies Edge mode, and get the previously mentioned benefits.

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