Free Fire MAX Ghost Criminal Event Details, Rewards

Free Fire

Free Fire players can now enter the Ghost Criminal event series, which is now making its premiere in Free Fire. 

It gives players the opportunity to take part in exciting activities and win special prizes. The key to getting these free cosmetic upgrades is completing daily assignments. 

The first campaign unveiled at this event is the intriguing ‘Reveal the Criminal,’ which offers participants a free Skyboard, a pistol skin, and a stylish facemask. 

All players have to do is complete daily quests in order to gather Ghost Chips.

Free Fire Reveal The Criminal

The recently revealed online event, which features a variety of ghost criminal-themed rewards, debuted on November 17 in Free Fire MAX and will remain anctive until November 30. This gives players a long window of opportunity.

In order to participate, players must meticulously gather Ghost chips from daily tasks, which are reset at 4:00 AM daily.

After obtaining the necessary number of Ghost chips in Free Fire, players must place them in and proceed to decode each level in order. 

Through this method, stage-specific rewards can be unlocked and the Ghost criminal image revealed. 

Every time a chip is inserted, the decoding process advances. Players may also cause a critical hit, which speeds up the process overall. 

Players can keep putting chips to receive repeated benefits after they have claimed all stage rewards in Free Fire.

Prize Pool

  • Stage 1 rewards: Gold Royale Voucher
  • Stage 2 rewards: Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Stage 3 rewards: Top Criminal (Ghost) Skyboard
  • Stage 4 rewards: 3 Ring Vouchers
  • Stage 5 rewards: Top Criminal Mask (Ghost)
  • Stage 6 rewards: Trogon-Top Criminal (Ghost)
  • Stage 7 rewards: Ghost Box

How to obtain rewards in Free Fire Ghost Criminal Event

To claim your rewards from the “Reveal the Criminal” event in Free Fire, take the following actions:

  • Find the “Ghost Criminal” symbol on your smartphone after using the Free Fire MAX app. You may also go to the event by going to the ‘event’ section.
  • To collect Ghost chips, navigate to the ‘Reveal the Criminal’ section.
  • Put the chips in to reveal a variety of exciting rewards. Players can keep playing even after they’ve earned every prize in order to get the coveted Ghost Box. 

Access to equipped rewards is available through the “Vault” area.

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