Minecraft Dinnerbone Name Tag Easter Egg: All You Need To Know

Minecraft Dinnerbone

Over the years, a number of Easter eggs have been reported to be present in Minecraft. 

Minecraft has now added a humorous Easter egg as a way to honour Nathan, the technical director at Mojang. 

This is known by the name “Dinnerbone”. This name tag gives players a hilarious visual experience by magically turning a mob upside down when applied to it. 

In Minecraft, mobs respond differently to this name tag. A mob’s orientation is reversed, appearing upside down, when it is assigned the name “Dinnerbone” or “Grump” using the name tag. 

While there have been a lot of Easter eggs in the game throughout the holidays, some have also remained indefinitely. 

One of the Easter eggs included in the 1.6.1 version of Minecraft is name tags. 

When a certain combination of keywords is used to name them, mobs take on unusual traits.

Minecraft Dinnerbone Name Tag Easter Egg

The “Dinnerbone” name tag in the Minecraft game is quite easy to use. 

  • An anvil and a name tag are needed in order to use such an Easter egg in Minecraft. In the game, name tags are uncommon objects that cannot be produced. The majority of these things may be discovered in the treasure chests found throughout dungeons and other locations. A fishing rod may also be used to earn a name tag, and the sea enchantment’s luck will boost your odds of doing so.
  • An anvil is also required once you have located a name tag. In the game, it may be used to repair tools and bestow enchantments by utilizing experience points available on Minecraft.
  • The anvil may also be used to name nametags. To create the anvil, you’ll need four iron ingots and three iron blocks. Set the name tag into the far left slot after performing the right-click on the anvil to utilize the Easter egg.
  • Call the tag “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” at this point. Make sure to stick to the same capitalization and avoid leaving any gaps. You will lose one XP point in this procedure.

The Easter eggs continue to be a part of the recent update of Minecraft which is to the delight of the fans as playing the game in an upside-down setting is rather hilarious and a gentle reminder of this iconic Easter egg that new fans can also embrace.

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