Minecraft Servers Voice Chat Function Details


Playing on a server with other players makes Minecraft much more enjoyable. However, texting each other in the chat box is the only option for them to converse. 

The vanilla version of the game does not allow for conversation between players.

Fortunately, Minecraft is a sandbox game with a ton of helpful mods that can add about any feature you might want. This indicates that a voice chat feature can be added to a server.

Minecraft Servers Voice Chat

You must first have your own Minecraft server. Either a paid server with adequate processing capacity or a free server with restricted processing power can be created.

One of the greatest websites for setting up a free server is still Aternos. Conversely, a number of websites use a server that is built on a subscription model. Fortunately, installing a voice chat on both is simple.

To utilize any mod successfully, you must install a modding API such as Paper, Forge, or Fabric after creating a server with a world. 

You may easily search for and install the majority of these modding APIs directly from the server page.

Both the Fabric and Forge versions of the Simple Voice Chat mod, which is what needs to be installed, may be installed on the server. Verify that the mod version is compatible with the server’s game version.

You must locate and download the most recent version of the “Simple Voice Chat” mod after installing Forge or Fabric on the server. 

It ought to work with the server’s version of the game. Moreover, you have to download the Fabric or Forge version, based on which modding API you select. You must then upload the mod to the server after doing this.

There are features on certain server providers that let you search for various mods and install them straight onto a server. 

The voice chat mod is available on a number of server-hosting services due to its popularity.

To utilize the mod on the server, you must correctly setup it even after installing it. The ‘config’ folder must first be located by gaining access to the server directories.

Edit the ‘voicechat-server.properties’ file by going to the ‘voicechat’ folder. Here, one of your own servers must be entered as the server port value.

After this is finished, your server will support voice chat. 

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