Minecraft Snapshot 23w46a Patch Notes: All You Need To Know

Minecraft Snapshot

Minecraft Snapshot 23w46a, the most recent Java Edition snapshot for Minecraft made its debut on November 16, 2023. 

This latest includes a big number of bug patches. But it also significantly alters the in-game scoreboard command.

With many months left to go before the release of Minecraft 1.21, Mojang still has plenty of time to allow users to test out new experimental features. 

It takes time to create material and repair issues. Thus, further enhancements will probably be announced in due course with upcoming snapshots.

The majority of the latest Minecraft snapshot 23w46a is devoted to revamping the in-game scoreboard feature that allows to set commands.

Nevertheless, a few of the bug patches could also be highly important for certain players.

Those who have become used to the functionality of craftsman blocks and copper bulbs from earlier snapshots will need to take these new adjustments into consideration.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w46a Patch Notes

The following are Java snapshot 23w46a’s main changes:

  • It is now possible to give each entry on a Minecraft scoreboard a unique name.
  • The subcommand “scoreboard players display name” can be used to set display names.
  • The subcommand “scoreboard players display name” can also be used to remove display names.
  • The command “scoreboard objectives modify displayautoupdate [true|false]” may also be used to specify display names to update automatically when scores change.
  • Scoreboard numerical inputs can now be formatted similarly to other text.
  • When players attempt to kick themselves from a non-LAN singleplayer world in Minecraft, the error message “cannot kick server owner in LAN game” will no longer show.
  • The issue where the narrator mentioned using the wrong MacOS hotkey has been resolved.
  • There is a one-tick in-game cooldown on the crafter block.
  • A issue that prevented copper grate bricks from becoming wet has been repaired.
  • The game camera will no longer tremble while viewing creatures that are capable of taking damage.
  • When the crafter block is turned into a chiseled bookshelf, it will no longer stack stuff.
  • Disabling Experimental Features will prevent the crafting recipes for newly added blocks in Minecraft 1.21 from appearing.
  • Tuff blocks’ color scheme has now been accepted and unified with the surroundings.
  • Now, a breeze mob properly contributes to the Monster Hunter progression.
  • The Creative Mode inventory now contains Breeze spawn eggs in the proper spot.
  • Copper bulbs will no longer have a one in-game tick delay in their behavior.
  • The breeze’s wind charge attack has rearranged its hitboxes.
  • Now, when a breeze fires, wind charges may interact with levers in the right way.
  • A issue that caused lava pools or other odd features to appear in lieu of trial spawner blocks has been corrected.

Players are urged to visit Mojang’s official blog post to view the complete list of changes included in the most recent snapshot of Minecraft: Java Edition.

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