Minecraft’s New Tick Command: All You Need to Know


Players are sent to a massive, open world in Minecraft where they may let their imaginations run wild, overcome obstacles, and go on personalized adventures. 

Many intriguing additions were just added to the most recent Minecraft snapshot, 23w43a, which was released by Mojang. 

The 1.21 update will bring unique copper blocks to the game, but the developer has also unveiled a brand-new tick-related command. 

Players may do practically anything in the game by using the numerous commands available in Minecraft. 

The most recent snapshot adds a new tick freeze command and other similar commands, allowing players to freeze time and every mob and creature they see.

Minecraft’s Tick Command

To take advantage of the new command in the Minecraft game, you must first download the most recent version of the snapshot. 

To accomplish this, choose the most recent snapshot 23w42a from the drop-down menu, then press the play button. 

Since commands only function if the world’s cheats are active, the next step is to build a brand-new world in which you have entered creative mode and enabled cheats. 

Users will be allowed to utilize the new command when this is finished in Minecraft.

The following are several modes for the /tick command:

1. /tick Freeze: This mode stops the computer simulation of all elements and blocks in the world, with the exception of the player’s character and any objects that players are riding.

2. /tick Query: Provides details on the tick rate that is in effect right now in the game. Players can adjust their current tick rate by entering a number in ticks every second with the /tick Rate command.

3. /tick Sprint: For a predetermined period of time, the game world is traversed at the fastest tick pace. Consider it a fast-forward feature in Minecraft.

4. /tick Step: This option advances the game’s ticks by a specified amount; it’s excellent for seeing how ticks function step-by-step when in frozen mode.

5. /tick Unfreeze – Reverses the consequences of /tick freeze and returns the game environment to a standard simulation.

Although there are many uses for Minecraft’s command console, beginners should exercise caution when using it because it may do a lot of damage to the world if not utilized properly.

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