Top 5 Tips To Reach Top 10 In All BGMI Matches


BGMI is a battle-royale game, the goal of which is to be the last man standing. How long you survive in the game will determine your rank.

This parameter is especially necessary for those looking to push their ranks, as getting eliminated early on in the game will result in minus points.

Reaching the top 10 in Battlegrounds Mobile India matches is thus desirable for all players.

With practice, this will come easily, however, here are 5 tips that can assist in making you reach the top 10 in all BGMI matches.

1. Optimised load out

In BGMI, a well-optimized loadout is essential for victory.  Make sure you select your primary and secondary weapons wisely and be aware of the weapon stats. 

Prioritize attachments as well if you want your weapon to be more accurate and stable. 

In gunfights, having a fully equipped gun might give you a significant edge. When choosing weapons, take your BGMI playstyle into account. This includes balanced approaches, long-range battles, and close quarters fighting.

2. Decision Making

Because BGMI battles are changing, winning requires adaptability. Be ready to adjust your tactics in response to the changing circumstances. When facing a formidable opponent, think about switching up your approach.

Refine your ability to make decisions under pressure with experience, so when faced with challenging circumstances in BGMI, remain composed and use sound judgment. Adapt your playstyle to the current dynamic.

3. Avoid playing aggressively.

One of the finest tactics you can use to improve your gaming in BGMI is to adopt a passive approach, which places more of an emphasis on your survival over the whole match than merely fighting. 

This is a tactic where you take cover and kill enemies covertly, usually from a distance, as opposed to battling them head-on.

To put it briefly, your main objective in BGMI is to live to the very end and use planned strategies to destroy your enemies. This type of gameplay is best suited for Sniper Rifles.

4. Use vehicles

Numerous vehicles are available in BGMI, and both offensive and defensive uses of them are quite successful. 

You may leave dwindling safe zones faster and more swiftly if you are driving. You may use them to run over enemies on foot, and if you do so frequently, your total stats in BGMI will rise.

Since they will protect you from approaching attacks and moving items are more difficult to strike in BGMI, vehicles also serve as moving armor.

5. Team coordination

Since BGMI is a cooperative game, effective communication may change the outcome of a fight. 

To convey critical information to your team, use voice chat or quick messaging. Improved team chemistry results from open communication on enemy locations, loot, and tactics.

A cohesive squad in BGMI is more likely to win the desirable Chicken Dinner in addition to surviving engagements. When going for the Conqueror rank, team strength matters more than individual talent.

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