Top 5 Tips To Use While Facing Pro Players In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Since pro players in PUBG Mobile have probably invested an excessive amount of time and effort to become proficient in the game, there is no certain strategy to beat them. 

You may, however, employ a number of tactics to raise your odds of triumphing against them. 

One tactic is to concentrate on your own gaming style and work on developing your abilities. 

This might involve honing your aim, familiarizing yourself with the map, and improving your location and mobility. 

Utilise these five tips given below that can help you if you have to face-off against a pro players in PUBG Mobile.

1. Mastering the maps of BGMI

Because it displays the playing area, which gets smaller as you progress through the game, the map is your greatest buddy in PUBG Mobile

You will slowly perish if you leave this place. To assist you in navigating to a safe region, place an indicator on the map, and your compass will display it. 

Pro players have a rough idea and image of the map in their heads that enable them to be a step ahead of their enemies. 

So in order to compete with them, one must be equally good or better in understanding the maps of PUBG Mobile.

2. Mastering shooting and aiming 

Taking effective aim and controlling the recoil of your weapon is essential for dispatching opponents quickly. 

For this reason, success in PUBG Mobile requires training. To increase your ability to react and muscle memory, spend time practicing at the range. 

Practice target tracking, flick shots, and managing recoil with a variety of your arsenal’s weapons.

Pro players are well-versed in their weapon usage and hence it’s vital one doesn’t lag behind in this department.

3. Move with an eye on the surroundings

The running icon will appear when you keep your left thumb down while moving your character. 

You won’t need to keep holding down the button to lock your character into sprinting mode. 

You may take a free peek by grabbing and holding the camera or eye symbol beneath your map when auto sprinting is on. 

This allows you to do so without altering your running path. This is a useful idea to help you make yourself difficult to hit while keeping an eye out for other players in PUBG Mobile.

4. Be stealthy 

In PUBG Mobile, it is advantageous to move stealthily as nearby attackers’ gunfire may be seen on the map. 

You can find a number of silencers for many different kinds of firearms, however, if your weapon already has a compensator installed, you may need to manually add it once you’ve discovered it. 

Silenced guns make it much more difficult for Pro players in PUBG Mobile to find you. 

5. Master the use of smoke grenades 

Stock up on smoke bombs on and utilize them during difficult situations in PUBG Mobile. 

When a teammate is knocked down and you need to give them the space they need to recover, use the smoke bomb. 

Additionally, you may use them to blend in, to merely create confusion when necessary, or easily reload while shifting into a stance for the subsequent attack. 

The key element to get the better of Pro players in PUBG Mobile is surprise and smoke grenades. 

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