Edinson Cavani Net Worth 2021: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family

Edinson Cavani is one of the best strikers in the world today. He is severely underrated but performs well as a striker, for every team he has played in. Because of striking prowess, he is already a legend at the Paris Saint Germain football club. He can not only play as a striker but also helps in playmaking as well. This makes him a hybrid between a striker and a playmaker, which is rare in the footballing world, which makes him unique. Currently, he plays for Manchester United FC as a number 9 striker.

Edinson Cavani Net Worth

The Uruguayan attacker’s current net worth stands at around 40 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest footballers in the world. Because of his improvement in his overall game in his football as a number 9, his net worth began to increase year by year and is set to increase for years to come. He currently plays for Manchester United, which is one of the most famous clubs in England. Because of his recent transfer to Manchester United in 2020, his current net worth stands around 40 Million Dollars and is sure to increase in the upcoming years.

Here is a tabular representation of  Cavani’s salary over the years:-

ClubYearly salarySalary earned from Sponsorship dealsYear
Napoli20 Million DollarsN/A2010
Paris Saint Germain32 Million DollarsNIKE(10 million dollars)2013
Manchester United40 Million DollarsNIKE(10 million dollars)2020

Cavani Endorsements

Since 2014, Cavani has been linked with the American giant sports equipment company, NIKE. The Uruguayan forward has been one of the most distinguished celebrities to be endorsing the Nike Hyper venom boots. He has been earning a hefty sum of 10 million dollars from his endorsements with Nike. Although he is one of the famous players in the world, he does not involve himself in sponsorship deals with a lot of companies, and instead focuses on football and his family.

Here is a tabular representation of his Endorsements and the amount he earns from them.

Nike10 Million Dollars

Cavani’s footballing Career

A talented number 9, Edinson Cavani played at several youth clubs in Uruguay, such as Club Nacional, Club Penarol, Club Remeros, Club Salto Uruguay, and Club Ferro Carril. He then got the opportunity to join the u-19 setup of Danubio.

He quickly joined the senior team of Danubio and helped the club win the Uruguayan championship. Because of his exemplary performance, a lot of top football clubs in Europe, including Juventus and AC Milan, were interested in signing him. However, Cavani made the right choice by joining Palermo FC, who were good at developing youngsters.

After his brilliant season with Palermo FC, Napoli FC, an Italian supper club signed him on a loan deal with an obligation to buy in 2010. His goal-scoring prowess in the second season at the club became so developed, that his fans started calling him “ El Matador”. In his last year at Palermo FC, he helped the club reach the European qualifying stage, but unfortunately, they missed out on a UEFA champions league qualification stage. He had a brilliant goal-scoring campaign with Napoli in his first season, scoring 25 SERIE A goals, and becoming the highest goal scorer for Napoli at that time, which was later broken by the talented Argentine striker, Gonzalo Higuain. In his final season with Napoli, he became the top goal scorer in SERIE A, with 29 goals.

Later, Paris Saint Germain, one of the richest French football clubs in the world acquired his services for a fee of 64 Million Euros. This is the fifth largest transfer in history and the record signing in the French league at that time. He won the Ligue 1 title 6 times with the club, Ligue 1 golden boot twice, and the Ligue 1 player of the year in the 2017 season. He became the highest goal scorer in the history of Paris Saint Germain on 27th January 2018. Because of his success with Paris Saint Germain, he became a club legend for the French side.

The Uruguayan forward eventually left the club in 2020 and joined Manchester United FC, one of the famous clubs not only in England but across the world. It was yet another exemplary season for Cavani, where he was the club’s 3rd highest goal scorer in his debut campaign. He helped Manchester United FC acquire a second-place finish in the English premier league and also helped them reach the UEFA Europa League final, where they, unfortunately, lost to Villareal on penalties.

He is a hero for the Uruguayan national team, being one of the most consistent strikers in the world behind Luis Suarez, who is one of the best players of all time. He broke into the Uruguayan senior national team in 2008, and also scored in his debut in a 2-2 draw against Columbia.

However, his first moment of brilliance for the national team came in the 2010 FIFA world cup. He assisted Luis Suarez with the goal, which helped Uruguay to win the group and advance to the knockout stages. This was a huge feat for Uruguay national team, as they have failed to qualify for the last world cup in 2006. He helped the team finish 4 in the 2010 FIFA world cup while he also scored in the bronze medal match against Germany, where they, unfortunately, could not win.

His next moment of celebrity stats came, when he finished as the top scorer of COMEMBOL 2018 FIFA World cup qualification campaign, as he scored 10 goals. He also helped Uruguay reach the quarterfinals of the 2018 FIFA world cup, but could not contribute later due to hamstring injuries. He was pivotal in the round of 16 matches against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, where he headed for the first goal assisted by Luis Suarez, and also scored a second goal, which was a thing of beauty.

Currently, the Uruguayan Striker is the 3rd highest capped player in the Uruguayan national team and is the 2nd highest goal scorer in the national team’s history with 53 goals, 11  behind Luis Suarez, who is one of the best players of all time.

Here is a Tabular representation of Cavani’s all time career stats:-

SeasonTeamApps (Subs)Goals (P)Assists
Premier League 21/22Man Utd1 (1)0 (0)0
Copa America 2021Uruguay5 (0)2 (1)0
UEFA Europa League 20/21Man Utd5 (1)6 (0)2
Premier League 20/21Man Utd26 (13)10 (0)3
FA Cup 20/21Man Utd3 (2)0 (0)0
EFL Cup 20/21Man Utd1 (0)1 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 20/21Man Utd4 (2)0 (0)0
WC Qual, CONMEBOL 2022Uruguay2 (0)1 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 19/20PSG3 (2)1 (1)0
Coupe de France 19/20PSG2 (0)2 (0)0
Ligue 1 19/20PSG14 (7)4 (1)1
Coupe de la Ligue 19/20PSG1 (1)0 (0)0
Trophée des Champions 2019PSG1 (0)0 (0)0
Copa America 2019Uruguay4 (0)2 (0)0
Ligue 1 18/19PSG21 (1)18 (4)4
Coupe de France 18/19PSG2 (1)2 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 18/19PSG7 (2)2 (0)1
Coupe de la Ligue 18/19PSG2 (1)1 (0)0
World Cup 2018Uruguay4 (0)3 (0)0
Coupe de France 17/18PSG5 (0)3 (1)0
Ligue 1 17/18PSG32 (2)28 (3)6
Coupe de la Ligue 17/18PSG2 (0)2 (1)0
UEFA Champions League 17/18PSG8 (0)7 (1)1
World Cup Qualification 2018Uruguay15 (0)10 (1)0
Trophée des Champions 2017PSG1 (0)0 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2017PSG2 (0)1 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 16/17PSG8 (0)8 (1)1
Coupe de France 16/17PSG3 (1)2 (0)0
Ligue 1 16/17PSG36 (1)35 (7)4
Coupe de la Ligue 16/17PSG3 (0)4 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2016PSG3 (1)1 (1)0
Copa America 2016Uruguay3 (0)0 (0)0
Coupe de France 15/16PSG4 (0)2 (0)0
Ligue 1 15/16PSG32 (8)19 (0)5
Coupe de la Ligue 15/16PSG4 (2)1 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 15/16PSG10 (3)2 (0)0
Trophee des Champions 2015PSG1 (0)1 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2015PSG2 (2)0 (0)0
Copa America 2015Uruguay4 (0)0 (0)0
Coupe de France 14/15PSG2 (0)3 (0)0
Ligue 1 14/15PSG35 (5)18 (3)1
Champions League 14/15PSG10 (0)6 (0)0
Coupe de la Ligue 14/15PSG3 (1)3 (0)0
Trophée des Champions 2014PSG1 (1)0 (0)0
World Cup 2014Uruguay4 (0)1 (1)1
Ligue 1 13/14PSG30 (5)16 (2)2
Coupe de la Ligue 13/14PSG3 (1)4 (1)0
Champions League 13/14PSG8 (0)4 (0)0
Coupe de France 13/14PSG1 (0)1 (0)0
World Cup 2014, QualificationUruguay11 (2)5 (0)0
Confederations Cup 2013Uruguay4 (0)3 (0)2
Serie A 12/13Napoli34 (1)29 (7)2
UEFA Europa League 12/13Napoli7 (3)7 (2)0
Coppa Italia 12/13Napoli1 (0)1 (0)0
Super Cup 2012Napoli1 (0)1 (0)0
Olympic Games 2012Uruguay3 (0)0 (0)0
Coppa Italia 11/12Napoli4 (0)5 (2)0
Serie A 11/12Napoli35 (3)23 (3)3
Champions League 11/12Napoli8 (0)5 (1)2
Champions League 11/12B. Munich0 (0)0 (0)1
Copa America 2011Uruguay3 (1)0 (0)0
Serie A 10/11Napoli35 (3)26 (5)6
UEFA Europa League 10/11Napoli8 (1)5 (1)1
Coppa Italia 10/11Napoli1 (0)1 (0)0
World Cup 2010Uruguay6 (0)1 (0)1
Serie A 09/10Palermo34 (3)13 (2)0
Coppa Italia 09/10Palermo0 (0)1 (0)0
Serie A 08/09Palermo35 (1)14 (1)4
Serie A 07/08Palermo33 (16)5 (0)0
Serie A 06/07Palermo7 (3)2 (0)0

Cavani’s Girlfriend

In the year 2007, Cavani married his girlfriend Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrus and has two children with her, named  Luis Cavani and Berta Gomez. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, they have been divorced.

Now Cavani is currently dating Jocelyn Burgardt. They have started dating in 2015 and have been in a relationship ever since. They met each other, when she was part of the parade of the city of Bella Union, as she was chosen as a great dancer. She was born in Bella Union on 21st September 1992 and her nationality is Uruguayan. Along with dancing, she also has a career in fashion design, where she works as a cultural manager

Cavani’s Lifestyle and Luxurious things he owned

Lukaku is really famous all around the world with a net worth of 40 Million dollars. Because of such high wages, he is one of the richest footballers in the world today and owns a beautiful villa in Paris. He is a massive petrolhead and owns a wide variety of luxury supercars in his garage. Here is a tabular representation of luxury items owned by Edinson Cavani:-

Luxury itemsCost
Lamborghini Countach(car)$187,000
Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe $110,850
Mercedes AMG GTR Coupe$199,900
Mercedes AMG GLS 63 SUV$132,100
Maserati Levante$78,290
Ferrari F1$47,000

Cavani’s Social Media Status

Cavani is active in media and mostly showcases his training videos with Manchester United and his sponsorship with NIKE. He has amassed 2.4 million followers on Twitter, 8.5 Million followers on Instagram, and 13 Million followers on Facebook respectively.

Social Media PlatformFollowers
Instagram8.5 million followers
Facebook13 million followers
Twitter 2.4 million followers

Some facts about Cavani’s personal life

The Uruguayan forward was born in Salto, Uruguay on the 14th  of February, 1987 to his parents, Luis Cavani and Berta Gomez. He was the youngest child of the three children of his parents and had to go through a lot of struggle and hardship because they were very poor and would struggle to put food on the table.

He, however, was passionate about football, which gave him a sense of joy and made him escape his life of poverty for a brief moment. His father, Luis Cavani, was his first football teacher, which made him more interested in this beautiful game. He has two elder brothers, who are also professional football players like him. His elder brother, Walter Guglielmone played for football clubs in Mexico, Paraguay, China, France, Uruguay, and Azerbaijan respectively.

In 2007, he married Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrus and had two children with her – Bautista Cavani(born in 2011) and Lucas Cavani(born in 2013).In 2013, due to unfortunate circumstances, he had a mutual divorce with his wife.

He then began dating his present girlfriend, Jocelyn Burgardt, who has a career in fashion as a cultural manager. In 2019, he had a daughter named India, because he has a fascination for Indian culture and heritage

Cavani’s Individual achievements

Cavani is known for being a pure number 9, striking the ball In the back of the net, and always being at the right position at the right time. He is also brilliant in hold-up play, which allows him to distribute the ball to the fast speedy wingers, thus creating more goal-scoring opportunities for the team. He is truly world-class and would fit into any top football clubs present in the world today.

Because of his goal-scoring ability, he has won many top scorer awards for different football clubs played in different countries.

Here is a tabular representation of major individual titles won by Cavani over the years:- 

YearTrophies won
2011/12Coppa Italia(5 goals)
2012/13SERIE A(29 goals)
2016/17FIFA Worldcup qualifiers(10 goals) Ligue 1 top goal scorer(35 goals)
2017/18Ligue 1 top goal scorer(28 goals)  

Trophies won by Cavani

Cavani is world-class and has won a lot of major trophies for his team. He has won a lot of trophies for different clubs he played in different countries. However, the most important trophy, according to him is the COPA America trophy he won with Uruguay in 2011.

Here is a tabular representation of all the titles Cavani has won for his club and country:

Danubio FC(05/06)Uruguayan league champion
Uruguay national team(10/11)Comembol Copa America winner
Napoli(11/12)Copa Italia winner
Paris Saint GermainFrench champion(13/14) French champion(14/15) French champion(15/16) French champion(17/18) French champion(18/19) French champion(19/20)  
Paris Saint GermainFrench cup winner(14/15) French cup winner(15/16) French cup winner(16/17) French cup winner(17/18)
Paris Saint GermainFrench League cup winner(13/14) French League cup winner(14/15) French League cup winner(15/16) French League cup winner(16/17) French League cup winner(17/18)
Paris Saint GermainFrench super cup winner(13/14) French super cup winner(14/15) French super cup winner(15/16) French super cup winner(16/17) French super cup winner(17/18) French super cup winner(18/19) French super cup winner(19/20)

Cavani’s Controversies

The Uruguayan forward was fined by the English Football Association(FA) for his unintentional racist comment to his close friend, which was ”Gracias Negrito”. This translates to “Thank you, Black man, in English”. However, according to Cavani, this was not racism, and this was the casual way of speaking among the Uruguayan people. Because of this, the English Football Association banned him from 3 football matches and fined him 100,000 pounds(137,000$).

Frequently Asked Questions about Cavani

Q. What is Edinson Cavani’s nationality?

Ans- Edinson Cavani is Uruguayan.

Q. How many clubs has Cavani played for?

Ans- He has played for 5 clubs in his senior career- Danubio, Palermo, SSC Napoli, Paris Saint Germain, and Manchester United.

Q. What is the salary of Cavani at Manchester United?

Ans:-He currently earns 210,000 pounds per week, at Manchester United.

Q. Who is Edinson Cavani’s present girlfriend?

Ans:- The Uruguayan forward is currently in a relationship with Jocelyn Burgardt.

Q. How many children does Edinson Cavani have?

Ans- Cavani currently has three children, namely, Bautista, Lucas, and India respectively.

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