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Romelu Lukaku Net Worth 2022: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family


Romelu Lukaku has developed himself to be one of the most rounded strikers in football right now. His ability to hold the ball in small spaces against opposition defenders, along with his brutal finishing ability makes him one of the talented young strikers in the prime of his game. The Belgian striker has recently got transferred from inter Milan to Chelsea football club for a transfer fee of 285 Million Pounds, making him the most expensive signing in Chelsea football history.

Romelu Lukaku’s Net Worth

The Belgian attacker’s current net worth stands at around 45 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest footballers in the world. Because of his improvement in his overall game in his football as a number 9, his net worth began to increase year by year and is set to increase for years to come. Lukaku became the most expensive player of all time, when he joined Chelsea FC for a cumulative fee of almost 285 Million Pounds, beating the transfer record signing of Neymar Junior from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain(222 Million Pounds).

During his first season in Inter Milan, Lukaku earned a healthy salary of 11.5 Million per year, which was then increased to 12.5 Million Pounds, after his first successful season with the Italian Superclub. After joining Chelsea, he is set to earn 12 Million Pounds plus add ons with a weekly wage of 250k Pounds per week.

He is the only football athlete who has sponsored both Nike and Adidas. He is now currently in a sponsorship deal with Adidas with a deal worth around 1.5 Million Dollars per year. He has also signed a sponsorship deal of 83,000 Dollars with Maserati, an Italian Supercar brand.

Here is a tabular representation of Lukaku ’s salary over the years:-

ClubYearly salarySalary Earned from EndorsementsYear
Chelsea21 Million Dollars1.5 Million Dollars2022
Inter Milan18 Million Dollars1.5 Million Dollars2020
Inter Milan19 Million Dollars 1.3 Million Dollars2019
Manchester United15 Million DollarsN/A2018

Romelu Lukaku Endorsements

The Belgian Superstar has been endorsing the American Sportswear brand, NIKE, for a very long time and also has endorsed Adidas as he wears Adidas boots to play. He has also signed a contract deal with Roc Nation Sports for undisclosed amounts of money.

He said that signing this contract deal would improve his global brand image in the upcoming years. He is now currently in a sponsorship deal with Adidas with a deal worth around 1.5 Million Dollars per year. He has also signed a sponsorship deal of 83,000 Dollars with Maserati after he joined Inter Milan in late 2019.

Here is a tabular representation of his Endorsements and the amount he earns from them.

Nike1.2 Million Dollars
ADIDAS1.5 Million Dollars
Maserati83,000 Dollars

Romelu Lukaku Career

The Belgian forward started his career with Anderlecht FC in the year 2009. He scored his first senior goal against Zulte Waregem in the Belgian Professional football league. Impressed by his striking talents, Everton Fc, one of the famous football clubs in Englan signed him for 28 Million Euros. He was in his early 20’s and was already conquering the English premier league with his goal-scoring prowess. In the year 2017, Manchester United signed him and they won the prestigious Uefa Europa league trophy because of his efforts.

However, due to Manchester United’s failure to win the English Premier League and the UEFA champions league, many United supporters criticized Lukaku’s performance, especially signaling out his bad first touch on the ball. Because of such unfair treatment from the United fans, Lukaku decided to request an immediate transfer to Inter Milan. So Inter Milan signed him in 2019 and reaped his talents effectively.

He, along with Lautaro Martinez formed a fearsome goal-scoring partnership named-“Lu La” and terrorized SERIE A. In the 2020/21 season, Inter Milan became the SERIE A champion thanks to striking efforts by him and Lautaro Martinez. He has scored 24 goals and provided 16 assists in the SERIE A 20/21 season, which makes him the 2nd top scorer, behind the Portuguese legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. On 12th August 2021, he returned to Chelsea FC for a reported club-record fee of 97.5 Million Euros, making him the most expensive transfer of all time. He started his debut with Chelsea with a goal against Arsenal at the Emirates stadium, defeating them 2-0.

On 24th February 2010, Lukaku made his debut for the first team Belgium Senior squad against Croatia. He scored his first two international goals in a friendly game against Russia.

He helped his team secure a place in the FIFA 2014 World cup tournament, by scoring two goals against Croatia, defeating them 2-1. On 10th November 2017, Belgium forward equaled the all-time Belgium goal-scoring record, set by Bernard Voorhoof and Paul Van Himst, after scoring twice against Mexico in a 3-3 draw. Four days after he equaled the record, he became Belgium’s all-time leading top scorer with 31 international goals, scoring a goal in a 1-0 win over Japan.

He played wonderfully in the FIFA world cup 2018, having scored 4 goals and providing 1 assist, thus winning the Bronze boot award, and helping Belgium to reach the semi-finals of the world cup for the first time. In EURO 2020, Lukaku was the key player for Belgium, scoring 4 goals, because of which they reached the quarterfinals, but were defeated by EURO 2020 champions, Italy.

Here is a Tabular representation of Lukaku’s all-time career stats:-

SeasonTeamApps (Subs)Goals (P)Assists
WC Qualification, UEFA 2022Belgium3 (0)4 (1)0
Premier League 21/22Chelsea2 (0)1 (0)0
Euro Cup 2020Belgium5 (0)4 (1)0
Serie A 20/21Inter36 (4)24 (6)11
Coppa Italia 20/21Inter3 (1)2 (1)0
UEFA Champions League 20/21Inter5 (0)4 (0)0
UEFA Nations League 20/21Belgium5 (0)5 (2)1
UEFA Europa League 19/20Inter6 (1)7 (2)2
Serie A 19/20Inter36 (3)23 (6)2
Coppa Italia 19/20Inter4 (0)2 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 19/20Inter5 (0)2 (0)2
European Championship 2021, QualificationBelgium5 (0)7 (0)0
Premier League 18/19Man Utd32 (10)12 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 18/19Man Utd9 (3)2 (0)1
FA Cup 18/19Man Utd3 (0)1 (0)0
UEFA Nations League 18/19Belgium2 (0)4 (0)0
EFL Cup 18/19Man Utd1 (0)0 (0)0
World Cup 2018Belgium6 (0)4 (0)1
FA Cup 17/18Man Utd6 (3)5 (0)0
Premier League 17/18Man Utd34 (1)16 (0)7
UEFA Champions League 17/18Man Utd8 (0)5 (0)0
EFL Cup 17/18Man Utd2 (2)0 (0)0
World Cup 2018, Qualification, UEFABelgium8 (1)11 (1)0
UEFA Super Cup 2017Man Utd1 (0)1 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2017Man Utd3 (1)1 (0)0
Premier League 16/17Everton37 (1)25 (1)6
FA Cup 16/17Everton1 (0)1 (0)0
European Championship 2016Belgium5 (0)2 (0)0
Premier League 15/16Everton37 (1)18 (1)6
FA Cup 15/16Everton3 (0)3 (0)0
League Cup 15/16Everton5 (0)4 (0)0
European Ch.ship QF 2016Belgium5 (2)0 (0)0
Premier League 14/15Everton36 (4)10 (2)5
UEFA Europa League 14/15Everton9 (2)8 (2)2
FA Cup 14/15Everton2 (0)2 (0)0
League Cup 14/15Everton1 (1)0 (0)0
World Cup 2014Belgium4 (2)1 (0)1
Premier League 13/14Everton31 (2)15 (0)4
FA Cup 13/14Everton1 (0)1 (0)0
World Cup Qualification 2014, Europe (UEFA)Belgium4 (2)2 (0)0
UEFA Super Cup 2013Chelsea1 (1)0 (0)0
Premier League 13/14Chelsea2 (2)0 (0)0
International Champions Cup 2013Chelsea1 (1)0 (0)0
Premier League 12/13West Bromwich35 (15)17 (2)3
FA Cup 12/13West Bromwich2 (0)0 (0)0
Premier League 11/12Chelsea8 (7)0 (0)1
Carling Cup 11/12Chelsea1 (0)0 (0)0
Euro Cup 2012, QualificationBelgium6 (2)0 (0)0
Pro League 11/12Anderlecht2 (0)2 (0)0
Jupiler Pro League 10/11Anderlecht37 (3)16 (1)0
UEFA Europa League 10/11Anderlecht8 (2)1 (0)0
sJupiler Pro League 09/10Anderlecht0 (0)15 (0)0
UEFA Europa League 09/10Anderlecht10 (1)4 (0)1

Romelu Lukaku’s Girlfriend:-

The Belgian Striker is currently dating his girlfriend Sarah Men’s. They met a couple of years ago in Miami, USA, Sarah is 28 years old and is of Dutch nationality. She is also known as the daughter of the famous Dutch Television host, Harry Mans. She is an independent woman and owns a business engaged in interior design. She has proved to be not only a successful businesswoman but also an amazing Dutch model as well. 

Romelu Lukaku’s Lifestyle and Luxurious things he owned:-

Romelu Lukaku is really famous all around the world with a net worth of 45 Million dollars. Because of such high wages, he is one of the richest footballers in the world today. He is a massive petrolhead and owns a wide variety of luxury supercars in his garage. Here is a tabular representation of luxury items owned by Eden Lukaku:-

Luxury itemsCost
Lamborghini Countach(car)$187,000
Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe $110,850
Mercedes AMG GTR Coupe$199900
Mercedes AMG GLS 63 SUV$132,100
Maserati Levante$78,290

Romelu Lukaku’s Social Media Status:-

Lukaku is really active on Social media and shares videos of his training, matches with Real Madrid, Belgium, and also promotes his sponsorship endorsements. He also shares photos and videos of his family and children on Instagram to show how much he loves and cares for his family. Because of his world-famous stardom, he has amassed a total of 8 million followers on Instagram,11 million followers on Facebook, and 2.6 million followers on Twitter respectively 

Social Media PlatformFollowersProfile Link
Instagram8 million followersClick Here
Facebook11 million followersClick Here
Twitter 2.6 million followersClick Here

Unknown facts about Romelu Lukaku’s personal life:-

Romelu Lukaku is introverted and is really passionate about football. He tries to give his best every match and believes in contributing to the team with his creativity in assisting and in goals. Outside the glitz and glamour of football, the Belgian forward likes to spend time with his family and friends. He is passionate about the game and has evolved himself into a world-class striker, one of the best forwards present in the game today. 

Romelu Lukaku’s Individual achievements

Lukaku is known for being a pure number 9, striking the ball In the back of the net, and always being at the right position at the right time. He is also brilliant in hold-up play, which allows him to distribute the ball to the fast speedy wingers, thus creating more goal-scoring opportunities for the team. He is truly world-class and would fit into any top football clubs present in the world today.

Because of his goal-scoring ability, he has won player of the season(20/21) in Inter Milan and he helped the Italian side to win the coveted SERIE A title. He has also won the bronze boot for being the third-highest goalscorer in the FIFA World cup, Russia in 2018. He has been the top scorer in the Belgium Pro league at the start of his career with 15 goals and the top scorer in the UEFA Europa League in the 14/15 season with 8 goals respectively.

Here is a tabular representation of major individual titles won by Romelu Lukaku over the years:- 

YearTrophies won
2009/10Jupiler Pro League top scorer(15 goals)
2014/15UEFA Europa League Top scorer(8 goals)
2018FIFA World cup Bronze boot(4 goals, 1 assist)
2020/21Serie A Player of the Year  

Trophies won by Romelu Lukaku:-

Lukaku is world-class and has won a lot of major trophies for his team. He has won the Belgium league in the 2009/10 season with RSC Anderlecht and was the top scorer in the league as well. He won the FA Cup with Chelsea in 2012, although he wasn’t a major part of the club’s success.

Finally, in 2021, he was pivotal for Inter Milan’s SERIE A title, breaking Juventus Fc’s run in the process. He was the 2nd top scorer in the league behind Cristiano Ronaldo, and his partnership with Lautaro Martinez is what made them SERIE A Champions

Here is a tabular representation of all the titles Lukaku has won for his club and country:

RSC Anderlecht (09/10)Belgian League Champion
Chelsea FC(11/12)English FA cup Champion
Inter Milan FC(20/21)Italian SERIE A Champion

Romelu Lukaku’s controversies:-

  • Lukaku was caught up in COVID-19 vaccine dispute in the Belgium national team , before participating in UEFA EURO 2020 football tournament. According to various online reports , Lukaku was one of the players who did not agree to get vaccinated for fear of unwanted side effects.
  • However , alter he got vaccinated as per the team’s covid rules and regulations and thus was fit to play in EURO 2020 tournament.
  • Lukaku got arrested and was fined 340 Pounds for noise complaints in Los Angeles neighbourhood , United states. He then had to pay a bail of 340 pounds which reduced his initial charges of 6 months in jail .

Frequently Asked Questions about Romelu Lukaku:-

1. What is Lukaku’s Favourite food?

Ans- His favorite food is salad, fish, chicken, and Feijoada.

2. What Sports does Lukaku like?

Ans-He likes Football and Basketball.

3. What is Lukaku’s favorite genre of music?
Ans- His favorite genre of music are Rap and Hip-hop.

4. At what age did Lukaku started playing football?

Ans- Lukaku started playing football at the young age of 4, for his hometown club in Belgium.

5. Who is Lukaku’s favorite player?

Ans:- Lukaku’s favorite player is Adriano from Brazil.

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