Dennis Rodman Net Worth 2021: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family

Dennis Rodman Net Worth

Dennis Rodman is a man with many lives. He has seen the world from the highest peak and even faced days where there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Dennis is a former American basketball player who was one of the best power forward players of the 80s, 90s era. Dennis is known for his defensive abilities but his life is full of ups and downs.

Rodman was born to Shirley and Philander Rodman and his father Philander fought the infamous Vietnam war. His father left him at a very young age and he was the eldest of his 47 siblings. His mother had to work 4-5 times a day to earn a livelihood. Rodman grew up with his two sisters, Debra and Kim in Oak Cliff. 

He revealed in his autobiography that his mother used to trust his sister more than him as she believed that they were talented to change their family’s fortune. Until high school, he used to play basketball but never considered it a profession as he was just 5’6 and couldn’t make the high school team.

The main turnaround came in Dennis’s life after he started working as a janitor at Dallas airport and his height shot up from 5’11 to 6’7. Dennis then decided to move back to basketball in college and this time, he was very serious about it as he didn’t have any other option. Dennis started playing for Cooke County College and one of his friends helped him to get admission.

He performed well with his team in local tournaments which helped him to get into Portsmouth Invitational Tournament which is a pre NBA draft tournament where Detroit Pistons identified his talent and picked him in the NBA 1986 draft. 

Dennis is a man with many lives and after succeeding in Basketball, he even tried his hands in acting, wrestling but controversies never left his shadow. He was addicted to alcohol and drugs which landed him many controversies. It was one of the main reasons behind his downfall as he lost almost all of his money due to his addictions. 

Dennis Rodman Net Worth

Dennis Rodman was once one of the highest earners in the NBA and even earned an estimated $43 million throughout his career but his current net worth is just $500,000. He has been a controversial figure despite earning so much throughout his basketball career, he lost all of that due to his alcohol and drugs addiction. 

Dennis Rodman Net Worth overview

NameDennis Rodman
Net Worth$500,000
Earning per YearNot Determined
ProfessionEx-Basketball Player, Politician, Pro Wrestler
Year Active1986

Let’s now go into details of Dennis Rodman’s net worth.

Dennis Rodman’s Source of Income


Dennis started his NBA career with the Detroit Pistons and played  7 seasons for them. He even won the championship with the Pistons in the 1989 and 1990 seasons. It was the same phase where he established himself as one of the best in the league. He then moved to San Antonio Spurs but it was not a successful spell for him. 

He was then traded to Chicago Bulls where he won a record three consecutive championships from 1996 to 1998. Although he struggled with disciplinary issues and eventually was traded to Los Angeles Lakers where he only played one season. 

1999-2000 was his final season in the NBA league and he featured for his hometown club Dallas Mavericks. He took a break from basketball after 2000 and tried hands in various things. 

YearSalary ($)
1991/921 Million 
1992/932.3 Million 
1993/942.4 Million 
1994/952.5 Million 
1995/962.5 Million 
1996/979 Million 
1997/984.5 Million 
1998/991 Million 

Professional Wrestling

Dennis tried his hand in Professional wrestling between 1997 to 1999. He was a hardcore WWE/WWF fan but featured for WCW because Hulk Hogan was his good friend and he was wrestling in  WCW at that time. Rodman was also part of one of the most iconic wrestling groups nWo. He was a partner of Hulk Hogan and even helped him to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Although he didn’t win any championship but had some memorable moments in his short career.

Dennis Rodman’s Brand Endorsements

Dennis didn’t have a good public image and it was the reason behind his less popularity in the media world. He was involved in drug addiction which made his public image even worse. Although he did endorse many big brands like Nike in his peak time, Nike even released some custom range of shoes named after him. Some of his current endorsements are.

  • WetBet
  • The Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka
  • The Worm

Dennis Rodman Social Media Appearance

Dennis Rodman is still very famous among NBA fans because of his extraordinary life. Although, he is not that active on Social Media as he likes to spend his time in peace at this point in life. But he wants to inspire the new generation to not repeat mistakes he made in his life and regularly posts quotes about stress management.

Social Media PlatformFollowers
Instagram1.9 Million followers 
Twitter 459K followers 
Facebook 2 Million followers 

Dennis Rodman Cars

Dennis Rodman reportedly was the proud owner of many big luxurious cars during his peak time but he lost all because of his undisciplined life. He still now owns the prestigious Bentley. His car collection is as follows.

BrandModelValue (USD)
BentleyBentley Continental Black$210,000
BentleyBentley Continental Gold$210,000
FordFord Mustang convertible$32,655

Dennis Rodman’s Property

Dennis Rodman lives in Bloomfield Hills. He has been to rehab many times and he revealed in an interview that city life is the one reason behind his addiction and he wants to live in a peaceful place. He lives outside all hectic city life and even spends time in his farms. The value of his house is unknown as he detached from all media.

Personal life and Family life of Dennis Rodman

1. Family and Personal info

Dennis Rodman was born on 13 May 1961. His father left him at an early age and he used to live with his two sisters and mother. His father had 47 children and Dennis was the eldest according to his father. He never met his father until 2012 after he left them in his childhood. Dennis is really close to his mother and it was his mother who inspired him during his darker phase in life.

Full nameDennis Rodman
Date of Birth 13th May 1961
Birth PlaceTrenton, New Jersey
FatherPhilander Rodman
MotherShirley Rodman
SpouseMichelle Moyer (m. 2003–2012), Carmen Electra (m. 1998–1999), Annie Bakes (m. 1992–1993)
ChildrenTrinity Rodman, Alexis Rodman, DJ Rodman
First NBA PickIn 1986 by Detroit Pistons
PositionPower forward / Small forward
High SchoolSouth Oak Cliff

2. Favourite Things: Hobbies, Friends, etc

NicknameWorm, Dennis The Menace
Favorite Basketball PlayerPhil Jackson
Favorite Basketball TeamDetroit Pistons
Favorite Game after BasketballBaseball
Favorite Social media platformInstagram
Favorite ColorRed
Favorite CarBentely
Favorite TV ShowCelebrity Apprentice
HobbiesMeditating, Music

3. Affairs and Marriage

Just like his life, Dennis’s personal life is very eventful. He has been married thrice and none of his weddings succeeded. He met his first wife Annie Bakes in 1987 and married her in 1992 but they filed for divorce just after 82 days of marriage because of assault charges made by Bakes. They both had one daughter Alexis Caitlyn who was born in 1988.

He then got married to Electra in 1998 who was an American model. Just after nine days, Dennis filed for a divorce but he reconciled but eventually, they got divorced in 1999. He then met Michelle Moyer who was his partner for the longest period. They got married in 2003 and split up in 2012 because of Rodman’s drug abuse and other alcohol issues.

Controversies of Dennis Rodman

  • In 1997, he was fined and suspended for kicking photographer during NBA game
  • In 2000, he was accused by Connie Wilcox for grabbing her breasts without her consent.
  • In 2000 July, he was sent to alcohol program after being caught guilty for drink and driving 
  • In 2012, he appeared in court for allegedly not paying $800,000 in child support to his ex wife.
  • In 2016, he was involved in hit and run case
  • In 2018, he was sent to rehab litigation center after again being caught for possession of Marijuana.

Achievements of Dennis Rodman

  • Dennis Rodman has won NBA championship 5 times: 1989, 1990, 1996, 1997, 1998,
  • He has been awarded NBA Defensive player of the year in 1990 and 1992.
  • He has been part of the NBA All star teams twice.
  • Detroit Pistons retired jersey number 10 in honor of Dennis Rodman.

Unknown Facts about Dennis Rodman

  • Dennis Rodman reconciled with his father in 2012 
  • “Worm” nickname was given by his mother.
  • He is good friends with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.
  • In 2013, he traveled to North Korea to train North Korea Basketball players.
  • He was the main key behind Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s historic meeting at the 2018 Singapore summit.
  • He owns his own Vodka company.
  • Dennis Rodman played till 2006 after 1999 exit from the NBA.
  • Dennis Rodman even played in the Mexican Basketball league.
  • He is good friends with Hulk Hogan.

FAQs about Dennis Rodman

Q. Dennis Rodman is from which country?

America but he is Afro-American

Q. Is Dennis Rodman married?

No, but has been divorced thrice.

Q. How many NBA titles has Dennis Rodman won?


Q. Where does Dennis Rodman currently live?

Bloomfield Hills

Q. Is Dennis Rodman bankrupt?


Q. Is Dennis Rodman still addicted to drugs and alcohol?

No, reportedly he has been clean after going through many rehabilitation.

Q. What is the age of Dennis Rodman?


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