BGMI Red Bull M.E.O Season 6 National Finals Day 2 Results & Rankings

BGMI Red Bull

On Day 2 of the BGMI Red Bull M.E.O. Season 6 National Finals, Celsius Esports overtook Orangutan Gaming and took the top place overall. 

The squad that was favored continued to play well, scoring 124 points in ten games. 

Orangutan finished second with 121 points after a string of poor performances.

Team GodLike put on a better show, moving up to third place with 98 points from their previous ranking of 11th. With 94 points, Medal trailed them in fourth place. 

After a mediocre match, Team Soul dropped to 11th place with 63 points. 

After yet another terrible day, Global Esports dropped to 16th place with 40 points. On November 18, Delhi will host the tournament’s final day

BGMI Red Bull M.E.O Season 6 National Finals Day 2 Rankings

  1. Celsius Esports – 124 Points
  2. Orangutan – 121 Points
  3. Godlike Esports – 98 Points
  4. Medal Esports – 94 Points
  5. Enigma Gaming – 80 Points
  6. Aslaaa Esports – 80 Points
  7. Gods Reign – 75 Points
  8. Gladiators Esports – 72 Points
  9. Revenant Esports – 70 Points
  10. Team Tactical – 70 Points
  11. Team Soul – 63 Points
  12. Team Infinity – 57 Points
  13. Loose Ends – 52 Points
  14. Team X Spark – 50 Points
  15. Big Brother Esports – 41 Points
  16. Global Esports – 40 Points

Match Highlights

In the first game of the BGMI Red Bull M.E.O Season 6 National Finals Day 2, Gladiators Esports performed a strategic match, winning the Chicken Dinner with 21 points. 

GodLike Esports, lead by Jelly, had a fantastic run, scoring 24 points with 12 kills.

In the second game of the day, Medal Esports won by a score of 23 points because of their incredible skill. 

GodLike received 15 points and lost their last fight once more. 

With five kills from Sayyam, Medal Esports won the third game and the second Chicken Dinner with 27 points. 

Both Revenant and Aslaaa Esports secured 18 points each. 

In the second to last game of Day 2, Owais’s Gods Reign put on an amazing show, winning a 28-point Chicken Dinner. 

Celsius and Tactical both won with impressive displays of talent (17 each).  

With 27 points in the last fight of Day 2, GodLike Esports won their first Chicken Dinner of the Finale. 

With six kills, their BGMI pro Jonathan was the match’s standout performer. 

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