Harry Kane Net Worth 2022: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family

Harry Kane Net Worth

Harry Kane has developed himself to be one of the best strikers in the world today. He is an English professional footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspurs FC and captains the English national team. He is not only a prolific goalscorer but also is world-class in his link-up play as well. He is the club’s top scorer. scoring 30 goals in each of the last three seasons for Tottenham Hotspurs FC. He has formed a lethal partnership with the South Korean forward,  Son Heung Min, and has racked up goal-scoring numbers to another level.

Harry Kane Net Worth

As of 2022, Harry Kane has an estimated net worth of 49 Million Dollars. He earns a minimum of 90,000 pounds a week while playing for Tottenham Hotspurs FC. According to a report of CIES Football Observatory on market value, Kane ranks third with a value of 173 Million Pounds, only behind superstars Neymar Junior and Leo Messi.

Here is a tabular representation of Kane’s salary over the years:-

ClubYearly salarySalary Earned from EndorsementsYear
Tottenham Hotspur Fc1.2 Million Dollars5.2 Million Dollars2021
Tottenham Hotspur Fc1.2 Million Dollars5.2 Million Dollars2020
Tottenham Hotspur FC1.2 Million Dollars 5.2 Million Dollars2019
Tottenham Hotspur FC1.2 Million Dollars5.2 Million Dollars2018

Harry Kane Endorsements

In October 2017, The English Striker registered the “HK Harry Kane” trademark in six categories including education services, English culture, footwear, clothing, and headgear. With this, he has the opportunity to pocket 10 Million Pounds per year in market deals alone in the next five years or so.

He has also got major sponsorship deals with Nike, Beats by Dre, Lucozade Sport, and BT Sport. In 2018, the English talisman was endorsed as the brand ambassador of Hugo Boss Parfume perfume Brand.  

 Here is a tabular representation of his Endorsements and the amount he earns from them.

Beats by Dr Dre
Lucozade Sport
BT Sport
Hugo Boss
5.2 Million Dollars

Harry Kane Career

 Harry Kane began his career at Tottenham Hotspur, where after a fast progression through the team’s youth academy, he was promoted to the senior team in 2009. He was then loaned out several times to low-tier clubs across England, including Leyton Orient, Millwall, Leicester City, and Norwich City.

After the appointment of Argentine coach, Mauricio Pochettino in 2014, Kane became more involved in Tottenham Hotspur. In his first senior season with Tottenham hotspurs, he scored 31 goals across all competitions, was the 2nd highest scorer of the English Premier League and thus was named PFA Young player of the year.

In the 2015-16 season and the 2016-17 season, Kane was the top scorer in the Premier League. However, the 2016-17 season was memorable for him, as because of his goal-scoring efforts, he helped Tottenham finish as the runner-up behind champions Manchester City. He won the PFA player of the year award for his outstanding campaign with Tottenham.

He delivered his best individual goal-scoring campaign with Tottenham in the 2017/18 season, with a total of 41 goals scored in 48 games across all competitions. In the 2018/19 season, because of the devastating partnership between him and Son Heung Min, one of the best players from South Korea, they managed to reach the UEFA Champions League finals but were unfortunately defeated by Liverpool, who was simply unstoppable at that time.

In the 2020/21 season, he became Tottenham Hotspur’s second all-time top scorer across all major league competitions. He finished the 20/21 season as the top goal scorer and the top assist provider in the league.

The English talisman has scored around 40 goals in 63 games for England and was the main striker in the team, easily. He made his international goalscoring debut in March 2015 at the young age of 21. He represented England in the EURO 2016 campaign, but their performance was unsatisfactory. However, he was made the captain for the national team, before the advent of the FIFA world cup, 2018, which was going to be held in Russia. He played the role of the captain beautifully, and was the top scorer of the tournament, thus winning the golden boot in the process.

Because of his goalscoring efforts, he led England to a successful 4th place, their highest position in the world cup since 1990. However, his most successful campaign with the English national team was at EURO 2020 Football tournament, held across Europe. He scored 4 goals and helped the team reached the finals of the tournament, but unfortunately, they lost to Italy on penalties.

Here is a tabular representation of Harry Kane’s goals across all competitions:-

SeasonTeamApps (Subs)Goals (P)Assists
WC Qualification, UEFA 2022England4 (1)4 (2)0
Premier League 21/22Tottenham2 (1)0 (0)0
Euro Cup 2020England7 (0)4 (0)0
Premier League 20/21Tottenham35 (0)23 (4)14
EFL Cup 20/21Tottenham4 (1)1 (0)0
UEFA Europa League 20/21Tottenham5 (2)3 (0)2
FA Cup 20/21Tottenham2 (2)1 (0)0
UEFA Nations League 20/21England6 (1)0 (0)1
Premier League 19/20Tottenham29 (0)18 (2)2
UEFA Champions League 19/20Tottenham5 (0)6 (2)0
European Championship 2021, QualificationEngland8 (0)12 (4)0
Int. Champions Cup 2019Tottenham3 (1)1 (0)0
Audi Cup 2019Tottenham2 (1)1 (0)0
UEFA Nations League 18/19England6 (1)1 (0)3
UEFA Champions League 18/19Tottenham9 (0)5 (0)1
Premier League 18/19Tottenham28 (1)17 (4)4
EFL Cup 18/19Tottenham2 (1)1 (1)0
FA Cup 18/19Tottenham1 (1)1 (0)0
World Cup 2018England6 (0)6 (3)0
Premier League 17/18Tottenham37 (2)30 (2)2
FA Cup 17/18Tottenham4 (1)4 (1)0
UEFA Champions League 17/18Tottenham7 (0)7 (0)1
World Cup 2018, Qualification, UEFAEngland6 (0)5 (1)0
Int. Champions Cup 2017Tottenham3 (1)1 (1)0
Premier League 16/17Tottenham30 (1)29 (5)6
FA Cup 16/17Tottenham3 (0)4 (0)0
UEFA Europa League 16/17Tottenham2 (0)0 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 16/17Tottenham3 (0)2 (1)0
European Championship 2016England4 (1)0 (0)0
Premier League 15/16Tottenham38 (0)25 (5)1
UEFA Europa League 15/16Tottenham7 (4)2 (0)1
FA Cup 15/16Tottenham4 (2)1 (1)0
European Championship QF 2016England5 (3)3 (0)0
League Cup 15/16Tottenham1 (0)0 (0)0
Audi Cup 2015Tottenham1 (0)0 (0)0
MLS All Star Game 2015Tottenham1 (0)1 (0)0
U21 European Ch.ship 2015England3 (0)0 (0)0
Premier League 14/15Tottenham34 (6)21 (2)3
League Cup 14/15Tottenham4 (1)3 (0)0
UEFA Europa League 14/15Tottenham7 (3)5 (0)0
FA Cup 14/15Tottenham2 (2)0 (0)0
U21 Friendly Games 2014England1 (0)2 (0)0
U21 Euro Qualification 2015England6 (2)6 (1)0
Premier League 13/14Tottenham10 (4)3 (0)0
UEFA Europa League 13/14Tottenham5 (4)0 (0)0
League Cup 13/14Tottenham1 (0)1 (0)0
U20 World Cup 2013England3 (0)1 (0)2
Championship 12/13Leicester15 (10)2 (0)0
FA Cup 12/13Norwich1 (0)0 (0)0
Premier League 12/13Norwich3 (2)0 (0)0
Premier League 12/13Tottenham1 (1)0 (0)0
Championship 11/12Millwall22 (3)7 (0)0
FA Cup 11/12Millwall3 (0)2 (0)0
UEFA Europa League 11/12Tottenham5 (3)1 (0)0
League One 10/11Leyton Orient18 (9)5 (0)0

Harry Kane’s Girlfriend

Katie Goodland is the fiancée of Harry Kane, who is the national team captain. She was Harry Kane’s high school sweetheart and they have continued dating ever since. She is passionate about sports and has also studied sports psychology. They are happily married now with two children.  

She currently works at the gym in Walthamstow as a fitness coach. She is still active in Instagram and she posts photos of her family and friends. Her famous proposal photo with Harry Kane garnered 20 million likes on Twitter and she became famous to the world after that.

Harry Kane’s Lifestyle and Luxurious things he owned

Harry Kane is really famous all around the world with a net worth of 49 Million dollars. Because of such high wages, he is one of the richest footballers in the world today. He has already rented a luxurious property in the posh areas of London, which costs around 15000 pounds a week. They have made the interiors into a cozy family home, with seven bedrooms, a gym, and various other stuff

He is a massive petrolhead and owns a wide variety of luxury supercars in his garage. Here is a tabular representation of luxury items owned by Harry Kane:-

Luxury itemsCost
Range Rover Autobiography$100,000
Jaguar F-Pace$35,000
Bentley Continental Supersports$78,510
Luxurious villa$ 18 Million

Kane’s Social Media Status

Harry Kane is really active on Social media and shares videos of his training, matches with Tottenham Hotspurs, England, and also promotes his sponsorship endorsements. He also shares photos and videos of his family and children on Instagram to show how much he loves and cares for his family. Because of his world-famous stardom, he has amassed a total of 11.7 million followers on Instagram,11 million followers on Facebook, and 3.4 million followers on Twitter respectively 

Social Media PlatformFollowers
Instagram11.7 million followers
Facebook11 million followers
Twitter 3.4 million followers

Facts about Kane’s personal life

Kane is introverted and is really passionate about football. He tries to give his best every match and believes in contributing to the team with his creativity in assisting and in goals. Outside the glitz and glamour of football, the English forward likes to spend time with his family and friends. He is passionate about the game and has evolved himself into a world-class striker, one of the best forwards present in the game today. 

Harry Kane’s Individual achievements

Kane is known for being a pure number 9, striking the ball In the back of the net, and always being at the right position at the right time. He is also extremely creative and can thread through balls with precise extinct for strikers like Son Heung Min and Lucas Moura to pounce on. He is truly world-class and would fit into any top football clubs present in the world today.

Because of his goal-scoring prowess, he is the top scorer 6 times for different football tournaments across many years. He made his debut in the premier league in 2014, and won the PFA young player of the year award that season, for his brilliant contribution on the field with his scoring prowess. In the 2016/17 season, he has finished as the top scorer of the season, because of which he was awarded as the PFA player of the year that season. 

Here is a tabular representation of major individual titles won by Harry Kane over the years:- 

YearTrophies won
2014/15PFA Young player of the year
2015/16English Premier League top scorer(25 goals)
2016/17English Premier League top scorer(29 goals)
2017/18World cup golden boot(6 goals)  
2018/19European Qualifier top scorer(12 goals)
2020/21English Premier League top scorer(23 goals)
2020/21Europa League qualifier(5 goals)

Trophies won by Harry Kane

Harry Kane is world-class but unfortunately hasn’t won any major trophies in football yet. He has come close to winning the premier league in the 2016/17 season but was unlucky as the Manchester City team was too good in quality that year. He reached the finals of the UEFA champions league in the 2018/19 season but was unfortunately defeated by Liverpool 2-0. He also came close to winning the EURO 2020 cup, but unfortunately, England lost to Italy on penalties. This shows that no matter how much talented and world-class you are, if your team is not up to the standards then you won’t be able to win trophies at such a high level of the game.

Harry Kane’s controversies

Harry Kane was involved in a controversy where his premeditated move to Manchester City, unfortunately, did not happen. Manchester City had offered 100 Million Pounds plus add ons for the English striker, but unfortunately, this bid got rejected by Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Because of this failed transfer many Spurs fans are criticizing Kane for being disloyal to them and the club. According to them, the English striker wanted to go to Manchester City for a better chance of winning major trophies football has to offer. However, in the end, Kane apologized to spurs fans and insisted that he is staying and will lead Tottenham Hotspur to glory in the premier league.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kane

What is Harry Kane’s Favourite food?

Ans- His favorite food is fish and chips.

What Sports Does Kane like?

Ans- He likes Football, cricket, and NFL(American football).

What is Kane’s favorite genre of music?

Ans-His favorite genres of music are British Rock and British pop.

Who is Kane’s favorite player?

Ans- David Beckham