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Shane McMahon Net Worth 2022: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs


When it comes to nepotism in wrestling, there are a lot of failed projects. There are examples of people who failed like David Sammartino (Son of Bruno Sammartino), David Flair (Son of Ric Flair), Curtis Axel (Son of Curt Henning), Ted DiBiase Jr. (Son of Ted DiBiase), etc. but there are rare cases of successful nepotism projects because of their talent that they offered to the table.

Vince McMahon Jr. or as we know him as Shane McMahon is the talent who people usually don’t see as a usual silver spoon-fed guy since he has all kinds of talent and athleticism a wrestler needs. Even though he never wrestled on a regular basis in his entire career, he wrestled between 1998 and 2021.

Some of the wrestling experts commented that with proper training at a proper age with him being passionate for it could have become the WWE version of AJ Styles. Here we will look at the career of Shane McMahon in wrestling, his earnings, brand endorsements, his upbringing, and a look at his career statistics.

Shane McMahon Net Worth

Even though Shane never had a big career in the wrestling business, he made himself a multi-millionaire net worth with all of his entrepreneurship, stocks, and businesses. He was put in a position of authority in the company which was very important as far as financially and product-wise goes. He was the one to make important TV deals in the world like in Mexico. Although he did resign in 2009, he did make a fortune out of his businesses.

YearNet Worth (US$)
201612 Million
201730 Million
201835 Million
201935 Million
2020100 Million
2021120 Million
2022130 Million

Shane McMahon Business Endorsements

Shane McMahon is a hard worker in every sense of the world. He worked from lowest of lows to highest of highest in WWF/WWE.  He worked there as a warehouse worker, merch filler, referee, producer, announcer, and in the end an on-air personality. He was also a member of the creative department in that company. He is also responsible for multiple international WWE TV Deals in countries like Mexico and Brazil.  He also made a deal between Pride FC and WWE worth US$70 Million. Shane is the minority owner of WWE having 2% of shares.

Outside of WWE, his business ventures include a broadband deal in China with a company called China Broadband Inc. He is also the Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the first video-on-demand service called You On Demand and Pay-Per-View service in China. He is also on the Board of Directors for International Sports Management which represents talents like Ernie Els and Rory McLLroy. He is also a part-owner of the Indian Larry Motorcycle shop in Brooklyn, New York.

Shane McMahon Appearances in Movies and TV

Shane McMahon is not known for being in movies and TV but he made appearances in a couple of TV Shows and was a part of some films. Below is the listed form of Shane’s TV and Film Career.


2019NCIS: Los Angeles


1999Beyond The Mat

Shane McMahon Car Collection

A collection that defines a McMahon. Shane being a multi-millionaire has a collection in his yard that can clearly show the picture of how great of a car collector Shane is. He has classy cars like Rolls Royce Ghost, Continental Limo, or his modern beasts like Audi R8, Lamborghini McLaren he has it all.

Bentley Continental GT$200,000
Rolls Royce Ghost$1,000,000
Lamborghini Aventador$1,000,000
Continental Limo$600,000
Black Audi R8$150,000
Lamborghini McLaren$358,000

Shane McMahon Property

As Shane McMahon’s theme song says HERE COMES THE MONEY!!! And he does have money which reflects in the form of his luxurious property. His mansion is in Charleston, Rhode Island. His other residence is in the big apple of the world, New York City.

Shane McMahon Childhood

Shane McMahon grew up under the McMahon family tree. He was born on January 15th, 1970 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He is the son of Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon. Jess McMahon is his Grand Mother and Vince McMahon Sr. is his grandfather. For the record, Shane is the 4th generation McMahon making probably the only family involved in wrestling for 4 generations.

Shane McMahon Pro Wrestling Career

His career began in 1998 as a referee in WWF as he was one of the referees in the 1st ever Royal Rumble match. He did leave referee duties and he was a backstage official at WrestleMania VIII as he attempted to break up a storyline brawl between Randy Savage and Ric Flair. He was one of the backstage personnel to help in the launch of WWF.com in 1997. He was in backstage for the most part of his early career in 1998. He was a commentator on Sunday Night Heat in 1998.

Later in the year, he officially became an on-air character as Vince’s real-life son. He was initially a babyface not being along with his father. He later turned heel costing Steve Austin WWF Championship finals match at Survivor Series 1998.  He was a member of Mr. McMahon’s faction “The Corporation”.

His first championship was at WrestleMania XV where he beat X-Pac for the European Championship. He did become the leader of the Corporation for a brief period and he did later merged the Corporation and Ministry of Darkness to form the Ministry of Darkness.

He did later had a match alongside Vince McMahon against Steve Austin in a 2-on-1 handicap ladder match with CEO position on the line which McMahons won. He did spend the rest of 1999 with Vince McMahon on-screen.

Shane did return in 2000 as Big Show’s WrestleMania 2000 cornerman. Shane later became an integral part of McMahon-Helmsley’s Faction. He did become hardcore champion later the year only to drop it to Steve Blackman in SummerSlam 2000.

Even after his one-off appearance at WrestleMania XIX where he helped his father after his match with Hulk Hogan, Shane returned in the summer of 2003 to feud against Eric Bischoff and Kane. He did faced Kane in a Last Man Standing and an Ambulance match at Unforgiven and Survivor Series 2003 respectively. After that, he left RAW for an executive creative job in WWE. He usually made cameo appearances from 2004 to 2005.

He did return in 2006 as a heel joining Vince McMahon to feud with then newly reunited D-Generation X. They even had a 3-on-2 hell in a cell match where McMahons and Big Show teamed to face DX. He was a part of WWE programming up until 2007 where his last work in that year was to help Vince winning and retaining ECW World Title against Bobby Lashley.

After 7 Long Years, Shane McMahon returned to WWE in February of 2016 as a seed of a potential big storyline that turned out to be a failure. He faced The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32 where stakes were big-time high. If Shane won, then that would be Taker’s final WrestleMania and Shane would get the control of Monday Night RAW. Even though Shane lost at WrestleMania, he did control RAW for a couple of weeks.

His recent wrestling feud was against Braun Strowman with Elias and Jackson Ryker. He wrestled Braun in a Steel Cage match at WrestleMania which he lost.

Shane McMahon Career Stats

Total Matches128
Total Wins63
Total Losses51
Total Draws14
Total Singles Matches70
Total Singles Wins35
Total Singles Losses27
Total Singles Draws8
Total Championships3
World Championships0
Wrestler he wrestled mostKane (20 Matches)
Wrestler he wrestled leastXavier Woods (1 Match)
Total WrestleMania Main Events0
WrestleMania W/L Record4 Wins – 3 Losses
SummerSlam W/L Record1 Wins- 4 Losses
Survivor Series W/L Record1 Wins – 4 Losses
Royal Rumble W/L Record1 Wins – 0 Losses

Shane McMahon Achievements

1x WWF European Champion

1x WWF Hardcore Champion

1x SmackDown Tag Team Champion

WWE World Cup 2018 Winner

PWI 1999 Rookie of the Year

PWI Feud of the year for Shane McMahon vs Vince McMahon (2001)

Shane McMahon Family Life

Shane grew up in the famous McMahon family as the son of the current CEO and Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon. He is the only son of the billionaire and is the brother of the Chief Brand Officer of WWE, Stephanie McMahon.

Shane McMahon Relationship Status

Shane McMahon’s family is much more peaceful and pleasant when you compare to wrestlers he used to wrestle with in the attitude era or maybe in the ruthless aggression era. He is married to an American Film producer, a former public relations agent, and television host Marissa Mazzola. They both are parents of 3 sons who are considered the 5th generation of the McMahon Family.

Unknown Facts about Shane McMahon

  • Shane McMahon is dyslexic.
  • Shane McMahon graduated from East Carolina University in 1964 with a degree in Marketing.
  • Shane McMahon is the first person to greet the fans at WrestleMania VI.
  • Shane McMahon has also trained for BJJ and Muay Thai by his trainers Reno Gracie and Phil Nurse.
  • Shane McMahon was in full favour of purchasing UFC in 2000 before the purchase being done by Dana White and Fertitta Brothers.
  • Shane McMahon survived a helicopter crash in 2017 with coming out of it unharmed.

FAQ’s about Shane McMahon

Is Shane the owner of WWE?

No. Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the owner of WWE.

How old is Shane McMahon now?

51 years old

Does Shane was ever in a World Championship contention in his WWF/WWE career?

No. He was never in the WWF or World Heavyweight Championship contention

Was Shane ever a full-timer in his wrestling career?

No. He was a part-timer in his career as he is more involved in the WWF/E office and not as a wrestler.

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