Top 5 Greatest moments of “The Rock’s” WWE Career


Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock) is one of the most popular stars in WWF/WWE history and maybe the only person to come out of pro wrestling and achieving this amount of mainstream success that makes him the World’s most grossing and World’s Highest-Paid Actor. His 6 active years in WWF(1996-2002) and 4 years as a part-timer (2002-2004, 2011-2013) gave us a huge list of moments that is still reminiscent to us like it happened yesterday.

Despite that, there is always a debate on which moment in The Rock’s WWE Career is the greatest moment as far as The Rock’s perspective goes. So we will see on order wise which moment is The Rock’s greatest moment in WWF/WWE.

Let’s have a look at Dwayne Johnson’s Top moments of WWE

5) The Rock beating John Cena in his hometown

In a match which was over a year in the making and had so much hype behind it just because of the two names in the match The Rock and John Cena and to add the cherries to the top of the cake, the match was in the main event slot of WrestleMania XXVIII and the show was in Miami, FL which is the Rock’s hometown. So if you look at all the cards being folded, this was a must-win situation for The Rock and in the end, he did it.

After his last match on WrestleMania XX, The Great One returned to WWE TV programming before WrestleMania XXVII and revealed that he has a problem with John Cena. He was the host of WM XVIII and he cost Cena the WWE Championship. The beef continued and a year before the match itself, it was booked that the “Once in a Lifetime” match will happen under the skies of Miami, FL.

In the closing moments of the match, The Rock was down on the mat and Cena was trying to do his version of people’s elbow. John was running through the ropes and out of nowhere Rocky hits the Rock Bottom for the 3 count pinfall. The arena went nuts for the hometown hero and The Rock grasped the energy flowing through the Miami crowd but this was an important victory as The Rock not only proved that at that age he could hang in the ring for a long time but can also beat the guys who people think are the poster boys of the company.

The Rock got a heartwarming welcome at his home. Check it out on the next page

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