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Top 10 Bowlers with Most Wickets in Test in a Calendar year


In this “For the record” article, we are going to take a look at five bowlers who have the most wickets in Test cricket in a single calendar year. Here we are going to list the bowlers with the most test wickets in a calendar year.


Test cricket is the purest form of cricket present and in the test cricket, we usually talk about the triumphs of a batsman. But we fail to acknowledge the pure class of bowlers in this type of Cricket format. But not today, this article is purely dedicated to top bowlers in Test Cricket.

In Current times, Bowlers are not given the proper recognition that they deserve, when we compare them to the batsmen. Bowling is a very important aspect of the games, a good bowler can totally flip the outcome of a match with a single delivery.

So now let’s take a look at the top five bowlers with the highest number of Test wickets in a single calendar year

Top 10 Bowlers Most Test Wickets in a Calendar Year

Top 10 Bowlers Most Test Wickets in a Calendar Year
S NoPlayerYearMatBallsRunsWktsBBIBBMAveEconSR
1Shane Warne (AUS)2005154336211496Jun-4612/24622.022.9245.1
2M Muralitharan (SL)2006113532152190Aug-7012/22516.92.5839.2
3Dennis Lillee (AUS)1981133710178185Jul-8311/15920.952.8843.6
4Allan Donald (SA)1998143232157180Jun-88Aug-7419.632.9140.4
5M Muralitharan (SL)2001124688169980Aug-8711/17021.232.1758.6
6Joel Garner (WI)1984153590160477Jun-609/10820.832.6846.6
7M Muralitharan (SL)2000103740146375Jul-8413/17119.52.3449.8
8Kapil Dev (INDIA)1983183469173975Sep-8310/13523.18346.2
9Dale Steyn (SA)2008132653148174Jun-7210/15420.013.3435.8
10Kapil Dev (INDIA)1979183631172074Jun-639/12123.242.8449

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