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Jack Grealish is an English professional footballer who can play both as an attacking midfielder or a winger. He currently plays for Manchester City Football Club and the England national team. Because of his standout performance for Aston Villa in the premier league 20/21 season and the England national team in EURO 2020, he was regarded as one of the exciting young players in the world today.

He recently signed for Manchester City in 2021, for a transfer deal estimated to be worth 100 million pounds. This transfer deal from Aston Villa to Manchester City makes him the most expensive English footballer in footballing history.

NameJack Grealish
Current ClubManchester  City
Net Worth24.2 million Pounds per Year
Age25 Years old
Salary14  million pounds per year
EndorsementsNike , .
GirlfriendSasha Attwood

Jack Grealish Net Worth

The Birmingham-based footballer’s net worth currently stands around 0.5 to 1 million pounds but is likely to increase after his successful signing with Manchester City, one of the richest football clubs in the world. He became the richest English player in history after signing for the English side, and would earn a lucrative amount of 200000 pounds per week, which would amount to a total of approximately 14 million pounds annually!.

The former Aston Villa midfielder also has signed some endorsement deals(NIKE), and this deal earns him millions of Euros together with his massive weekly salary. So his total net worth is estimated to be around 24.2 million pounds this year and is going to increase by next year as well as per data analytics by Eurosport 

Grealish’s total earning24.2 million pounds
Grealish’s salary earned at Manchester City FC14 million pounds
 Grealish’s salary earned from sponsorships10.2 million pounds

Jack Grealish Salary

The English midfielder has signed for Manchester City from Aston Villa at an incredible amount of 100 million pounds, making him the most expensive English player in footballing history. He is set to earn 300k pounds per week for Manchester City, which is a huge amount in itself. But at Aston Villa, he was not as popular as he is now today. He used to earn a modest salary at Villa, but after transferring to Manchester  City, his net worth and value increased tremendously. Here is the tabular representation of salary earned per annum by Grealish in Aston Villa and Manchester City over the years.

2019Aston Villa6.24 million pounds
2020Aston Villa6.24 million pounds
2021Manchester City14 million pounds

Jack Grealish Endorsements

Jack Grealish currently has Nike as his main sponsor. His sponsorship deals with the American company have gained huge popularity during the 2019 Championship playoff finals in England, where his new football boots, Hypervenom Phantom III gained massive attention among the crowd present in the stadium.

He has also signed a sponsorship deal with EA sports, the company famous for Creating FIFA games. EA joined hands with Grealish in September 2019, at the time of their launch of FIFA 19. 

Grealish’s career stats for both club and country:-

National teamYearAppsGoals

Jack Grealish’s Girlfriend

The English Superstar is currently dating Sasha Atwood, an English model based in London. They met in Solihull where they both attended ST Peter’s Roman catholic Secondary school as teenagers. She was last seen in EURO 2020 match in Wembley Stadium, London, where she supported and cheered Grealish on for his performance against Germany. They regularly upload photos of them together on Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook and garner millions of views.

Jack Grealish’s Lifestyle and Luxurious things he owned

By signing for Manchester City at a record deal of 100 million Euros, he became the most expensive English player in footballing history. He hasn’t disclosed much about the luxurious items he owns, as he is humble and likes to lead a private life. 

Jack Grealish’s Social Media Status

Because of his status as an emerging young talent in English football, Jack Grealish has amassed a total of 3.7 million followers on Instagram,2 million followers on Facebook, and 823.9k  followers on Twitter respectively 

Social Media PlatformFollowersProfile
Instagram3.7 million  followersLink
Facebook2 million followersLink
Twitter823.9k  followersLink

Jack Grealish’s individual Achievements

Jack Grealish is a highly technical and creative player known for his trickery, pace, and ghosting past defenders in order to create goal-scoring opportunities for his team. He, being of Irish descent, started playing for U- 17 Irish Football team and won the Irish Footballer of the year in 2012.

He again won the Irish Footballer of the year in 2015(u-21 Irish footballer of the year) and was splendid for his club Aston Villa FC as well. He has also won the Aston Villa young player of the season that year for his brilliant individual performance for the club as well. He was again awarded the player of the season for Aston Villa in the 19/20 season, where he finally emerged to his world-class level.

2012FAI Under -17 Irish International Player of the year
2015FAI Under -21 Irish International Player of the year
2015Aston Villa young player of the season(2014/15)
2018/19PFA team of the year(Championship)
2019/20Aston Villa player of the season(2019/20)

Trophies won by Jack Grealish

Grealish won his first trophy for the Aston Villa youth team in the 2012/13 season called the NextGen Series. He has also won the Toulan tournament in the year, 2016 for the English u-21 national side. However, he won the best silverware so far in his footballing professional career, where he won the silver medal for England in EURO 2020 finals.

Here are some trophies won by Grealish for both club and country.

Toulan Tournament(England u-21)2016
NextGen series2012
UEFA EURO 2020(Runner’s up)2021

Controversies surrounding Jack Grealish

  • The Talented English footballer had broken the COVID-19 protocol rules in 2020 by visiting the flat of his team mate Ross McCormack Because of this incident , he received a lot of flack from opposition fans and football pundits as well.
  • On April , 2015 , Grealish was chastised by Tim Sherwood(Aston Villa) for allegedly inhaling nitrous oxide for recreational purposes. He was also criticized by the fans for clubbing in North West Englands after his team lost 4-0 to Everton FC.
  • He has been banned for driving for 9 months and fined 82,499 pounds after crashing his 80000 pounds Range Rover during Covid lockdown in March , 2020.He was sentenced at Birmingham magistrates court , after being held guilty to two charges , including the one incident where his range rover hit two parked vehicles in Dickens Heath , Solihull , West Midlands.
  • It was all under the influence of toxic liquor , that he has caused so many accidents. Such deal of irresponsibility might be detrimental for him in his footballing career in the future , even if he is talented and one of the best midfielders in his position.
The English footballer violated COVID protocols in England by going outside and visiting the flat of his friend and teammate, Ross McCormack2020
The English Footballer was chastised by Tim Sherwood(Aston Villa) for allegedly inhaling nitrous oxide for recreational purposes. He was also criticized by the fans for clubbing in North West England after his team lost 4-0 to Everton FC.  2015
He has been banned from driving for 9 months and fined 82,499 pounds after crashing his 80000 pounds Range Rover during Covid lockdown in March 20202020

Unknown facts about Jack Grealish’s personal life

  • Jack Peter Grealish was born on the 10th day of September 1995 to his mother Karen Grealish and father Kevin Grealish in the city of Birmingham , United Kingdom. He grew up in Solihull , a large town close to Birmingham , which is famous for manufacturing of 4 wheeled driver car named Land Rover.
  • He is a lifelong fan of Aston Villa FC. He had a great reverence for Paul Charles Merson , a former footballer who was successful playing in the attacking midfielder position for Aston Villa FC.
  • Jack Grealish won his first trophy at a young at of 7 , playing in the Aston Villa football academy. His medal was donated to his school in honour of his late brother , Keenan who unfortunately passed away due to a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS).
  • He always wears child size shin pads with his football socks rolled down while playing. The reason according to him is a superstitious belief , which has worked tremendously for him so far.
  • It also helps in his footballing ability as well , by maintain his ability of control on the ball , with this design change. That’s how he is able to dribble past so many players with ease in the premier league.

FAQ’s about Jack Grealish:

Q-1 What is Grealish’s favorite food?

Ans- Grealish’s favorite food is Chicken tikka curry, Britain’s national dish

Q-2 Who was Grealish’s role model, because of which he started playing football?

Ans- Ross McCormack was Grealish’s former role model.

Q-3 What is Jack Grealish’s favorite film?

Ans- Stand by me

Q- 4 How many siblings does Grealish have?

Ans-Three siblings

Q-5 Who is Jack Grealish’s favorite player?

Ans-Kevin De Bryune

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