10 Cricketers who received Arjuna Award

10 Cricketers who received Arjuna Award

Arjuna Award is the second-highest award in the field of sports in India. A few of India’s top cricketers and sportspersons have received the Arjuna Award, widely considered to be a highly prestigious award. Besides ICC Cricket Awards, many other prestigious awards are given to great Indian cricketers, including Arjuna Award.

This award is considered highly prestigious and is presented to a few of the top sportspersons in India. An award recognizing a sportsperson’s achievement during the preceding four years, along with “qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and discipline.”

Among the prizes, recipients are a bronze statue of Arjuna, one of the Pandavas in Mahabharata famed for his archery skills, a certificate, a ceremonial dress, as well as a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh. On August 29, National Sports Day is held each year, when the annual award is presented. This award has been presented to 57 individuals who have made significant contributions to Cricket.

1. Salim Durrani

Salim Durrani

Durrani was the first recipient of this award in cricket. He received this honor in the year 1961 when this award was started. The finest all-rounder in India is Salim Durrani. Salam had a left-handed bowling arm and batted as well. The year 1960 marked the start of Durrani’s Test career.

A 13-year international career spanned 29 Tests for Salim Durrani. A great performance all round by Durani in the Test series at home against England in 1961-62.  India’s first Test series victory against England was largely due to his performance. With 18 wickets, he helped India win the last two Tests to clinch the series.

Batting Career Summary

FormatMInn RunsHSAvg  100 50  
Test2950 120210425.04  1 7  

Bowling Career Summary

FormatMInn  WktsBBIBBMEconAvg   
Test2946  756/7310/1772.4735.43   

2. Sunil Gavaskar

Known as Little Master, who had the power to play quick bowlers without wearing a helmet. Gavaskar received his Arjuna Award as the 12th person to get honored. Sunil set many unbroken records as a batsman that remain unbroken for many years after he did. At his peak, he had the highest number of centuries to his name.

The team under his leadership didn’t fare much better, despite his service as a captain. India spent the entire period of his captaincy without winning a match. In 1994, Sunil Gavaskar was appointed honorary Sheriff of Mumbai and received the Padma Bhushan award.

Additionally, he served as the advisor for the Indian cricket team, as well as the Chairman of the International Cricket Council. The Border-Gavaskar Trophy honors both him and Australian cricketer Allan Border for their joint accomplishments in test cricket. The Arjuna Award was presented to him in 1975.

Batting Career Summary

MInn RunsHSAvg SR100 50  
Test125214 1012223651.12 66.0434 45  
ODI108102 309210335.14 62.261 27  

3. Kapil Dev

Using that open-chested action, Kapil Dev possessed a lethal run-up and an energetic outswing. In an era before helmets, monster bats, or T20s, he was an aggressive batsman in the lower middle order. His leadership abilities and athleticism made him a standout on the field.

Sir Vivian Richards’ backward running catch by Kapil is perhaps the most famous catch Kapil made for India. Moreover, Kapil Dev has never been sidelined by a fitness problem during a Test match. Capt. Kapil Dev played cricket for it as a player and captain. In 1983, he captained India to victory in the Cricket World Cup.

His name was etched into the Wisden Sportsbook in 2002 as the Indian Cricketer of the Century. As of March 8, 2010, he was inducted into the International Cricket Council Cricket Hall of Fame. His captaincy led the Indian team to victory at the 1983 Cricket World Cup.

West Indies won the finals after facing England in the semifinals. During the 1987 Cricket World Cup, he remained captain. For a few years, he coached the Indian national cricket team. The Arjuna Award was presented to him in 1979-80.

Batting Career Summary

MInn RunsHSAvg SR100 50  
Test131184 524816331.05 94.768 27  
ODI225198 378317523.79 95.071 14  

Bowling Career Summary

MInn RunsWktsBBIBBMEconAvgSR  
Test131227 128674349/8311/1462.7829.6563.92  
ODI225221 69452535/435/433.7227.4544.28  

4. Mithali Raj

She became known throughout the country as the face of the sport Mithali Raj. Throughout the 18 years of her professional career (and counting), she has suffered both highs and lows, but the runs never stopped. Her record-breaking performance of 214 runs in a test match against England at Taunton became legendary until she was surpassed by Kiran Baluch of Pakistan in 2004.

Interestingly enough, they also scored 467 runs in that match, their highest in a test. She led the Indian team to the final of the 2005 Women’s Cricket World Cup, where the team lost to Australia. She is also a part-time broken leg bowler. She is the recipient of the Arjuna Award in 2003.

Batting & Fielding


5. Sachin Tendulkar

The God of Cricket and Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar was awarded Arjuna Award in the year 1994. Sachin is a player who doesn’t need any introduction. The best batsman India has produced. Who doesn’t remember his classic from 2004 where he hit 241 runs without a cover drive at Sydney.

Here are some stats of the legend:-

Batting Career Summary

MInn RunsHSAvg SR100 50  
Test200329 1592124853.79 54.0851 68  
ODI463452 1842620044.83 86.2449 96  
T20I11 101010.0 83.330 0  

6. Virat Kohli

The Indian player whose bat does the talk, Kohli became the most enduring full-format battery at the time, making the exciting chase easy and, in his own words, finding the safest way to run. As we all know, he is an aggressive batsman, he is always looking for a game with a fast bowler. He is also good at handling speed and rotation and never looks awkwardly at kinks.

Kohli does a great job at swing bowling, which is late and difficult to choose, but still not as sudden as seam bowling, which is almost unnatural and will surprise you. There is no doubt that he is one of the most talented cricket players, and he also works very hard in competition and fitness. He was honored with Arjuna Award in the year 2013

Batting Career Summary

MInn RunsHSAvg SR100 50  
Test96162 776525451.09 56.5127 27  
ODI254245 1216918359.07 93.1743 62  
T20I8984 31599452.65 139.040 28  

7. Jhulan Goswami

She was born on November 25, 1982, in Nadia, West Bengal, India. An integral part of the team, Jhulan is known for his batting and bowling abilities (middle right arm). She has an average score in the bowling test under 20. In the 2006-07 seasons, she guided the Indian team to the first win of the series in the UK.

She won the 2007 ICC Women’s Player of the Year award and the M.A. Chidambaram for the best female cricketer of 2011. In 2010, she received the Arjuna Award.


8. Rohit Sharma

The Hitman of cricket Rohit is a batsman of another level. The art of Rohit to put away short balls is not less than satisfactory. His performance is always on top. The vice-captain has a splendid record of hitting 3 double centuries in ODI. Rohit Sharma for his brilliance in cricket received the award in the year 2015.

Batting Career Summary

MInn RunsHSAvgBFSR100 50  
Test4374 304721246.88549355.478 14  
ODI227220 920526448.961035488.929 43  
T20I111103 286411832.182061138.964 22  

9. Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana is a player who boasts beauty with skills. The Indian women’s team opener always delivers whenever it is required the most. Mandhana was ICC Player of the Year 2018. She scored 669 points in 12 ODIs and 622 points in 25 T20I. She received this honor in 2018.


10. Ishant Sharma

The Indian bowler with a great swinging ability who knows how to adapt to conditions beautifully is a gem for India. Ishant Sharma has always been heroic in delivering with the ball. The tall guy received his honor in the year 2020. Here are some stats of him.

Bowling Career Summary


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